Problems with the Dental System

Okay, I have a serious rant here. I’m going to start by saying, I totally see my dentist’s office’s side. I really do. I honestly see where they’re coming from. BUT.

I’m a single mom. I’m disabled. I make $400 a month. And apparently I need $700 in dental work.
That’s all fine and dandy. I can’t really afford it, but I’ll figure it out. I have to, because my mouth can make or break my heart issues, somehow. Fine. I figured out a plan where I can actually afford it, which… whatever.

But it really irritates me that my doctor is all generous and sweet and goes and gives people dental care in Guatemala twice a year, but could care less about affordable dental care for some of the people in his own country. What about the people here who can’t afford it, but definitely need it? What then? Where do we go?

But past all of that, I just had a baby, and I just had congestive heart failure. I have many, MANY doctor’s appointments to get to each week. This week alone, I was scheduled for work 2 days, an echocardiogram that I had to reschedule to get this dentists’ appointment, which I double-stacked with my son’s doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. Next week, I have to get that re-scheduled echocardiogram, help with a blood drive in my son’s honor, work two days, have a Parents as Teachers appointment, AND somehow fit in this dental appointment. So, excuse me, miss receptionist who wants to have some serious ‘tude with me, but I may have to actually turn down a couple of days that you’ve suggested in order to fit you into my schedule. I have more than just a dental appointment to attend to. I seriously have a lot of freaking stuff going on. I’m certain you do, too, and I’m certain the dentist does, and I’m certain the dentist needs his 4 days off every week and can’t work more than 3 days, BUT, seriously, it takes wiggling in my schedule to make the appointment. Making this dental appointment means figuring out what other appointments in my life aren’t as important as seeing my dentist, and finding out if I can reschedule those anytime soon. Obviously work and my son’s appointments are not negotiable or wiggle-able. Some of my cardiology appointments take months to schedule in advance, so those aren’t wiggle-able, either. That means that either the dentistry has to be moved, or I have to figure out a way to be in two places at once.

People need to just lay off occasionally.

I’m done venting now. Seriously. I just am irritated for a lot of reasons. I brush my teeth twice a day. Religiously. I floss at least 4 times a week, which, yes, isn’t daily, but it’s something. And somehow, I have the start of freakin’ gum disease. Which is insane. I’m 22 and I take care of my oral hygiene. I should not have gum disease. I also have a broken tooth, which is what this whole root-canal-crown thing that I’m shelling out a million and a half dollars is supposed to fix.


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