It’s 1:40 am and…

…I’m still awake. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow…er…today and I have to get up bright and early, and I should be sleeping. Instead, I’m roaming around on the internet. Maybe I could be accomplishing things on my to-do list like completing some scrapping challenges or cleaning my room. Except that’s not happening. I keep thinking, “Oh. I should go get that done.” and the next thing I know, it’s 2 hours later and I’m still on cracked reading hilarious articles.

I feel like I’ve had trouble accomplishing things this week. Maybe it’s the new job. Maybe it’s all of the appointments. Maybe it’s life in general. But for some reason, I was rocking my to do list, and then this week hit, and then I totally blew it.

The week flew by, too. Last I checked, it was still the Tuesday after Labor Day and here it is Friday, not even Labor Day week anymore, and Fall Festival is tomorrow in my hometown! In fact, I didn’t even realize it was Friday until the Sneak Peeks thread popped up over at SweetShoppeDesigns.

I did see a kit I HAD to have, though. See, my mom’s name is Candy, and I’m kind of a sucker for kits with that theme (see what I did there?) This week, I’m thrilled about the new Shawna/Libby Scoop. And, if you click on the preview below, you can totally win it, too.

I’m off to sleep now. Maybe. Probably not.


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