I Love Watching Him Sleep

I seriously don’t think there is anything more amazing in the world than watching your child sleep. Zach has been laying here asleep for about an hour and a half now, and he just looks so peaceful. Every once in awhile, in his sleep, he’ll get this little grin on his face, and it’s just contagious.

He always looks like a little angel while he sleeps. I think he looks like one moreso now, because it’s hot in the house, so he’s stripped down to a diaper. He has this awesome little belly button that is halfway an innie and halfway an outie, like it can’t make up it’s mind as to what it wants to be. His little baby fingers and toes are so adorable, and so tiny! His eyelashes are growing, and his hair is a bit of a mess right now, sort of trying to do a faux-hawk. His nose looks just like mine, and just like my mother’s, and it is just so tiny and perfect. His ears have this delightful curve, the perfect little lobes to them. I love everything about this kid. He has this focus and peacefulness when he sleeps, and it’s just so incredible to watch. He lays there, out like a light, and takes these adorable little breaths, and every once in awhile, he takes in a huge sigh. I couldn’t love him more if I tried.


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