I believe that we have won!

Yes, that’s right. My team is now FIRST in the Eastern Division for MLS. Today, I attended my first Sporting KC game, and it did not disappoint. When we first arrived at the park, we were greeted with a beautiful stadium. I now understand why Livestrong Sporting Park has been voted one of the most beautiful soccer stadiums in the world. It’s impressive.

After arriving and entering right as the gates opened, we started out by doing a little shopping, and walking around the park. We also got to watch our boys in blue practice and warm up before the game, which was pretty awesome.

Then, finally, it was game time. Near the beginning of the game, Kansas City scored it’s first goal, Bunburry assisted by Zusi, who, of course, I adore. I was the one who arrived at the park with a “Marry Me, Zusi!” poster. He didn’t respond to my proposal, by the way, but I think he’s strongly considering it. Ha!

The game was fantastic, and exciting, and then, BAM! Half time. After half time, we returned to play, with Zusi doing quite a few corner kicks right by me. :swoon:

We kicked butt with another goal, I believe also by Bunburry. A lot happened then. The other team played really dirty. Things got heated. The refs didn’t call and didn’t call and the crowd booed. Loudly. Finally, later, things got to where they HAD to do something, and BOOM! Red card on Houston Dynamo. Of course, we all freakin’ cheered. They deserved it after some of the horribly play they did. I thought when one of the players hit Chance and flipped him, my brother was going to go out of the stands and hurt someone on the field. He doesn’t take Chance getting hurt very lightly. After the red card, we scored a third goal, which added insult to injury. Sapong rocked the third goal.

The game did end 3-nil, and it really was a fantastic game. These points were enough to bring KC to number one in the Eastern Conference at the moment.

The real fun of the game, though, occurred after the game was over. On our way out, we heard a commotion in the member’s area, so we decided to go in and see what it was all about. We were greeted with about 150 people cheering, chanting, and raising heck. The standard ooooooaaaaaoooooo cheer was going on, drums were pounding, hearts were racing, people were jumping and running… it was amazing. The spirit was just fantastic. And finally, they starting in with an I!
The crowd chanted back “I!”

The leader responded “I believe!”

The crowd repeated “I believe!”

The leader yelled back “I believe that!”

The crowd, in it’s glory, yelled back “I believe that!”

The leader cheered “I believe that we!”

The crowd responded with a loud “I believe that we!”

Then everybody started jumping and screaming “I BELIEVE THAT WE HAVE WON! I BELIEVE THAT WE HAVE WON! I BELIEVE THAT WE HAVE WON!”

Guys ran around the room with their children on their backs. People waved flags. The whole crowd jumped like some sort of tidal wave, all the while continuing to yell “I believe that we have won! I believe that we have won!” I’m not kidding when I say the crowd energy of the park is just fantastic. It truly is amazing.

As this was my first experience at the park, I really felt that it was truly worth going to. Unlike Chiefs games, which get ridiculously rowdy and violent, and unlike Royals games, which I find miserably boring, Sporting KC is truly a fantastic family experience. The 2 month old smiled through most of the game, as did the 50 year old. Our whole family was delighted and had a fantastic time. We’re already looking forward to our adventure to Livestrong Sporting Park on October 15th when we battle the Red Bulls.

And I’ll definitely be bringing my Marry Me, Zusi sign back. You know, just in case he missed it the first time around.


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