This made me completely lose it…

Facebook can be a really great place. It can also show you things you never wanted to see, if that makes sense.

Today, a friend of mine posted a 9/11 tribute song. I can’t listen to it without crying. I’ve heard it twice now, and both times, I’ve broken down in sobs. Not just “oh, a few tears.” I mean gut wrenching, body shaking sobs. I wrote my blog post yesterday about my feelings about 9/11. I wrote about how I can’t imagine getting up, leaving for work, and never coming home. It’s equally unfathomable to me that I could wake up, have my dad go to work, and him never return home. And the scary thing is, that should be something that I consider happening. My dad is in law enforcement. There’s a chance that every day when he goes to work, something could happen that would keep him from coming home. But that, of course, gets pushed to the back of my mind. If I focus on that, I’ll never be able to get through the day, so I just ignore the possibility and pray it never happens.

This song makes it a lot harder to ignore that possibility. Yes, I definitely cry when she’s a little girl talking. But the tears really hit home when she’s talking about how she’s in 5th grade now. My brother’s a 5th grader. How would he handle this? What would he be going through? I have no idea.

What I do know is, to really understand what I’m saying, you need to take a listen for yourself. But, I won’t force you. Seriously. If you’re an American, listening to the song will probably feel like a punch in the stomach. If you’re a parent, it definitely will. If you want to listen, though, you can find the song below. But I’m going to be up front with you. You’ll need tissues. By “you’ll need tissues,” I mean “you’ll need a box of them.”


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