This Whole “Mom” Thing is Cramping My Open Schedule

I’ve always kind of prided myself on the fact that I could call someone to set up an appointment, and they ask when, and I can say “Oh, I’ve got nothing. Anytime.” Usually I had one day with classes, and the other days of the week were free. Things were easy. But, after Zach’s birth, and really, after my heart failure, things changed. Bigtime.

I was at the doctor’s office today, trying to schedule a follow-up visit to today’s appointment. I opened my calendar up to schedule it, and was met with the following:

Tomorrow (10th) we’re going to a MLS Soccer Game to celebrate my brother’s 11th birthday. Let’s go, Sporting!
Sunday, the 11th, is, of course, church, plus it’s my brother’s actual birthday. And isn’t it Grandparents’ day, too? And Patriot Day? Total mess of holidays, that one is!
Monday I start work at my new job, which is SUPER exciting, but also means a big adjustment period.
Wednesday, I work again.
Thursday I have an 11am Echocardiogram for my heart, which also adds to the “things I have to do that I really don’t want to” list.
Friday I have an appointment with my dentist in the morning, and as soon as I’m done there, Zach and I are headed for an afternoon appointment with his pediatrician.
The weekend of the 17th is our town’s Fall Festival, which means I get to spend the weekend watching my brother play on inflatable things, noshing on really bad for me fried foods, collecting a bajillion pads of paper and pens, and nursing an awesome sunburn (I get one every year, even with the sunscreen!) All in all, that looks to be a fun weekend.
Then the 18th I’m helping a neighbor do her makeup for her senior pictures, since I do freelance makeup artistry.
The 19th I have work, and the 20th I’m volunteering at a blood drive. The 21st I’m back to work again. The 23rd I wake up early for a morning meeting with Parents as Teachers.
The next day, the 24th, the exchange students and I are spending the day shopping at an outdoor shopping center nearby, which is always a lot of fun. I’ve promised my brother I’ll be buying him an apple soda… his favorite! Also, the same day there is a consignment sale that I want to go to in order to grab some cheap clothes for Zach. I got plenty of 0 month clothes and plenty of 6 month, but now that he’s at the 3 month size, I realize I only have a few of those. He’s been wearing large 6 month clothes instead.
I go back to work that Monday and Wednesday (the 26t and 28th).

In other words, out of the next 21 days, I am going to be out of the house 13 days, and have an in-home appointment 1 day. This is coming from a girl who does not really go anywhere or do anything. Seriously. We went on vacation on June 13, and I drove part of the way to vacation. That was the last time I used my car until August 15. For two months, I did not drive at all. If I went somewhere, it was with my family, and honestly, they’re not that exciting! Haha

It seems that now, I am so busy I don’t know what to do with myself. And yes, I realize that most other people have a lot more work (as in, they actually work every day, not just my measly 2 days per week), and I realize that others have a lot more going on. But I’ve mostly not had anything happen. Ever. My schedule has never been this full. Between appointments for Zach and appointments for me, half of my month is filled before it starts, and that’s not even considering the rest of it.

So today, when I took out that calendar to schedule the follow-up, it took her listing 6 different days in order for me to find ONE that fit in. And honestly, that day, I’m double-booking as it is.


Oh, and in good news, my doctor has allowed me to stop taking one of my blood pressure medications. Temporarily, at least. He wants to see if my blood pressure responds well, and if so, I can stop taking it permanently. I’m still on one other blood pressure medication, and a medication to keep the fluid out of my lungs, but that’s not too bad. I’m just happy to be done with at least part of it!

I also got a phone call from an old high school friend last night. She’s currently expecting her first child. Lately, I’ve found myself dreading phone calls. I have enough trouble getting over my dislike for them in the first place, but it seems when some of my friends call, I have trouble following their stories. For example, one of my close friends called and we hadn’t talked in awhile. Most of the phone call revolved around her going to the bar, or picking up guys. I’ve never really been into either of those scenes, and really didn’t understand 90% of what she was saying. Likewise, she had no idea what the importance of me talking about Zach’s shots, or the high costs of diapers had.
It was weird to see someone I had been so close to in college, drift so far away from me now, and the only difference was now I had a kid, and she didn’t. Now, back to the high school friend. For some reason, when she called, it actually turned out to be a good call. Why? Because we’re at the same place in life. She understands my baby brain, and knows what it’s like to love something more than you could ever imagine loving yourself. I needed the “adult” interaction. That isn’t to say that my college friend and I aren’t close. It’s to say we’re in different places now. It makes me sad a little how things have changed, how we’re not on the same plane, but at the same time, I totally understand that it’s going to happen. It’s part of life. People grow up. She grew up, I grew up, and we grew up in different ways. I find myself now drawn to talking to other mothers, or people who have the same interests as my current interests, rather than the people I used to interact with. That doesn’t mean they have no place in my life, because they do. It’s just things are… different now.

I know everybody’s life changes when they have a baby… Did your day planner and friendships see the effects, too?


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