Love the School, Hate the System

My school can be super screwy sometimes.

Seriously, I love my school, don’t get me wrong. I have a fantastic time there, and most of the instructors are completely amazing. The only bad thing is that they have horrible policies in place sometimes.

For example, the school I attend operates on a quarter system instead of a semester system. This means no summers off- there is a summer quarter that students attend. Well, I had a baby this summer, as I’ve mentioned. That means I took the quarter off in order to have my baby. All in all, I was going to be gone two quarters- Summer I and Summer II. This would give me time to finish out my bed rest, have the baby, get time with the baby, get all of my post-baby appointments taken care of, pump a supply of milk, and get Zach used to taking a bottle and having mommy gone that long.

In order to take two quarters off, or even one quarter off, you have to completely withdraw from the school. I did this. During my withdrawal process, I had to go to financial aid, even though I’m not receiving ANY aid. I signed the form. Two weeks after I left school, I got a paper in the mail saying “You didn’t sign this form. Please sign this copy of the form.” I signed that copy of the form. I mailed it back.

Yesterday, I arrived at the school for a 2pm re-enrollment appointment. I checked in. I waited. And waited. And waited. I talked to the receptionist. She called the woman I was meeting with. Twice. Then she emailed her. No response. I waited. And waited some more. At 2:40, the receptionist finally comes over to me, and I think “Thank Goodness. Finally. I get to meet with my re-enrollment counselor.” Um… no. Apparently, the receptionist forgot that I had to fill out paperwork! So, I fill out some paperwork. Then she said “You have to meet with three other offices before you meet with your re-enrollment counselor…” Could I not have been doing this in the FORTY bloody minutes I’ve been waiting? I mean, come on! But I just breathe in, breathe out, and go to the first office. He checks to make sure I don’t owe the school any money, and signs the form. Then he walks me over to the next office. They check to make sure my GPA has been good overall, and they sign the form. Then they send me to the next office. The next office was financial aid. You know, the ones who had me sign the copy of the form, and then said I didn’t sign it and made me sign it again? I get to their office, they look me up, and they tell me, honest to goodness, that I didn’t. Complete. The. Freaking. Form.

Seriously? I did this form twice and you lost it TWICE?! Who is even WORKING at this place? I was so close to going off. The baby was crying, I was frustrated. It just was NOT going well. I look at them, then look at the form, and I said “I’ve signed this twice already. But, I’ll sign it again.” I signed the form for the THIRD TIME.

And someone walks over and says “Oh. She had no loans. She didn’t need to sign that…”

…Wait, what? You’ve made me sign a form 3 times that I didn’t even need to sign in the first place? :screams:

After informing me that I had been waiting to sign a form I’d signed twice before, re-signed, and didn’t need to sign at all, I was taken BACK to the receptionist. Who still couldn’t track down my re-admissions counselor.

She called again. Twice more. And then emailed yet again. And still nothing. Then, she went upstairs to look for her in her office… and still, no one. Finally she said “Well, I guess you could meet with someone else.”

Seriously? I could have been meeting with someone else and you are just now telling me this?

So, she starts leading me up to where the “someone else” I can meet with is, and passes the office of my re-admission counselor. Who is sitting at her desk. She says “Jennifer? I’ve been waiting for you since 2. I assumed you missed our appointment.” First off, bull. This is the lady I dealt with for my original admissions process a year ago and she was never at her desk, and when she was, was never answering the phone. Total flake. Either way, though, I dealt with it and sat down to enroll in my classes.

I told her the schedule I wanted, and told her briefly about my needs in the program after having the baby. Then she said “Well, I’ll work out a schedule and email it to you. Really, we could have had this meeting over email. I don’t know why they made you come in.”

What. The. Heck.

I told them when they called to set up the appointment that I would like to do it over email if at all possible and they said it wasn’t bloody possible, that it was essential I come in. And now the school is saying it’s not necessary for me to come in? Really?

All of that, two hours total of waiting, and I could have sat at home and emailed back and forth with her? Jeez, people irritate me sometimes!

Anyway, school aside, things were good. I was able to go to lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen since I left school in June, and it was nice getting out of the house for some “girl talk.”

Oh. And recently I’ve had another odd thing happening to me. I’ve had a series of blasts from the past showing up in my life. One of my ex boyfriends texted me out of the blue the other day, to find out how I was doing? We carried on a text conversation for awhile, on and off for a couple of days, and we’re on more amicable terms now than we were when we had last spoken before that. And then, not long after that, I received an email from another guy. He was a guy I had been kind of into, and I guess he had kind of been into me, I don’t really know. I emailed him apologizing because I was kind of a jerk to him the last time I saw him, almost a year ago, and felt bad about it, but I hadn’t heard back from him and honestly assumed I wouldn’t. Then all of a sudden, BAM. Email. We’ve been communicating a little more, as well. I think a lot of the loose ends in my life are wrapping up and a lot of the what if’s I had been asking myself are finally going away. It makes me feel a little more resolved in life, and a little less concerned about possibilities I, for awhile anyway, felt I had missed out on.


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