Weekend in Warsaw…

I just got back from another weekend in Warsaw with Kyle (my boyfriend). No, I didn’t take any pictures. I kept thinking I should bring my camera, but honestly, how many pictures can I take of us sitting and watching movies? Haha. Besides, for me, Warsaw is an escape from real life. There’s no internet access (unless we drive into town and go to the McDonalds about 15-20 minutes away). There’s no phone signal. I truly am… cut off from the world. To bring a camera almost seems like I would be invading that perfect balance.

We drove to Warsaw Friday night, and Brenda (one of the people Kyle lives with) and the Pugs rode down with us in Kyle’s car. Echo didn’t mind the pugs, since he mostly slept. I think the pugs minded him being there a lot more. They’re getting used to each other somewhat now. We listened to the Lex and Terry show. I usually hate talk radio, but honestly, I’m so hooked on this show, and even subscribed to the podcast of it! So sad! Haha. When we got there, there were already other guests! We had chili for dinner, which was fantastic, and then we watched a couple of movies. After that, Kyle and I headed back to the camper where we were staying to play cards. The others were sleeping in the other rooms, and even the couch was taken. It’s deer season, which means Brian (Brenda’s husband, and the other person Kyle lives with) had friends over to hunt.

Saturday morning, Kyle and I woke up around 6, but ended up going back to sleep until about 9, after taking Echo outside to mark every tree on the property. After waking up for the second time, we ended up going to McDonalds for a little bit, so Kyle could submit his time sheets. Then, we went grocery shopping! It’s always interesting to grocery shop with another person, because everyone has different methods about how they shop. Some people are list shoppers. Some wander the aisles. Some just know exactly what they need and don’t deviate from their mind-list. Some like certain brands, others will take anything, or whatever is cheapest. I always think you can tell a lot about a person, and how well your relationship with them will work, if you just go grocery shopping with them once. Kyle and I are pretty shopping compatible, for the most part.

It was SUCH a nice day outside! We drove back from the store with the top down… I have to love having a boyfriend who has a convertible. It’s SO nice!

After that, we went back, and watched some more movies. Warsaw generally just equals lots of movies. Kyle has a fantastic collection, most of which I haven’t seen, and many of which he still hasn’t seen, so we’re working our way through it.

That night we had spaghetti, and then Kyle and I headed to the camper with Mr. Echo for more cards. I kind of kicked his butt at the game, every. single. time. At this point, I said “This game is so fun!” and then he said “Yeah. I’m sure YOU think so!” We were playing Mille Bourne, I think, and it was actually really cool. We play Uno sometimes, too. I feel like Kyle and I can have so much fun together, no matter what we’re doing. Even if it’s just playing cards, or cuddling and talking, or watching movies together, or whatever. We always have fun together.

Sunday, we woke up around 9, and had breakfast. Then, we curled up on the couch and watched two more movies. Then, it was time to head out. We ended up driving back to his place, since my car was there, and then we got the pleasure of giving Echo a bath. Echo HATES baths, but he actually behaved REALLY well. I think he thinks Kyle is the alpha dog, and he has to behave. The water was SO gross. No matter how much I bathe the dog, it seems he is always dirty. Kyle gave him a really good scrub, and he was excellent throughout. Then we cleaned the goop off of his eyes, but he still has SO much there! Ugh!

Finally, Kyle cooked me some pizza for dinner while Echo was drying, and then I came home… I was SO exhausted after the weekend. I don’t know why, but car rides always make me ridiculously sleepy. I think I made it through two of my TV Shows I missed last week, and then I was out…

How was everyone else’s weekend? More productive than mine, I hope!


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