Le Peep- A Restaurant Review

The other day, I decided it was high time I tried out a new restaurant that I hadn’t been to. I had been browsing different options at UrbanSpoon.com, and finally decided that Le Peep wasn’t too far out of my way, was reasonably priced, and it sounded delicious.

The reviews I had read really talked up Le Peep, just off of 435 at College Blvd. I was anxious to try it, as anyone who knows me knows I am quite fond of breakfast food. As I pulled up to the restaurant, I thought the exterior looked like one of those quaint sidewalk cafes, with lovely awnings and cute little umbrella topped sidewalk tables. It seemed like the chic location everyone had talked up so much. When I walked inside, my impression kind of died. While the walls were painted a lovely colour, the decor and tablecloths made the place loose all of it’s charm, and turned it into a poorly decorated cafe that struck me as being almost… dirty. The lights seemed like the old lights in my university campus center, and the carpet seemed dingy. I know I’m nitpicky, but when I go to a cute breakfast lunch espresso cafe, especially one with such a charming name, I want to be charmed from the moment I pull up, throughout my experience.I was also hit with the smell of burning toast. While it is a breakfast restaurant, and toast is going to get burnt occasionally, the smell never disappated. It consistently smelled strongly of burnt toast. That was kind of a turn off for me.The wait staff was very kind and polite, and helpful, for sure. As I was going to a place that specifically called itself an espresso bar, I definitely knew an espresso was in order. I purchased the 12 oz turtle, which, quite honestly, was larger than I expected. I was afraid when I ordered that the smallest drink wouldn’t see me through my meal, but it certainly did, and then some. I sat there an additional 20 minutes nursing my coffee and working. Additionally, the coffee was lovely. It was topped with a flower-shaped chocolate drizzle, whipped cream, and some caramel.

I also ordered the Mini Wheeler. I thought that the Eighteen Wheeler would be too large, but the french toast sounded so good! I ordered it with a sunny side up egg, and bacon. The potatoes were seasoned well, and hardly needed salt, which is saying a lot, because I over-salt things. They were a little dry, but again, that’s being nitpicky. I dipped them in my eggs, and it was perfect. The egg was cooked just as I ordered it. The bacon was a bit crisp, though I didn’t order it crispy, but I like it that way, so it was excellent.Now for the french toast. It’s custard-dipped, and it truly is some stellar french toast. It’s hard to impress me when it comes to french toast. I know what I like. This was a thick slice, topped with butter and served with a side of hot maple syrup. It tasted amazing.

My coffee was $3.79, which is a bit expensive from the places I usually go, but honestly not bad for a good cup. The Mini Wheel was $5.99, and all told, the whole meal cost me $10.61, plus tip.All said, it is not good enough to justify the drive that it takes, as I live about 35 minutes away from the restaurant. Had I not been in the area anyway, I probably would have skipped out on it. Even though the food was good and the coffee is great, I think that I will probably only come back if I’m in the area, and by in the area, I mean within 5 minutes away. If I didn’t have business very close nearby, I probably wouldn’t return.There is another location that is supposed to be pretty near my school. I’m interested in checking it out and seeing if it’s interior lacks charm like this one, and if it also smells like someone was setting the toast on fire. If not, it could become a regular stop, if not for food, at least for the coffee.

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