Pretty sure someday I’m going to decorate my entire house in Urban Outfitters stuff.

Seriously. How cute is this stuff?! (All items below are linked to their location on the Urban Outfitters website)

For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently putting some effort into cleaning (and eventually re-decorating) my room. I have picked out a yellow paint (that may change as the day gets closer to actually painting), but I have already purchased some pretty cool stuff for my room. I have an awesome purple branch-and-leaf comforter, and for the wall behind my bed I bought a cool stick-on decal from target of a tree with birds landing on it, to give the illusion of a headboard.

So tell me this pillowcase set is not absolutely perfect for my theme!

To carry the theme across the room, I’m completely digging this curtain tie back, which would look awesome against my sheer purple curtains.

My bathroom is already painted the TaxiCab yellow, and quite honestly, I think this would look stellar next to the sink (on the wall by the lightswitches), and would carry the theme into my bathroom, as well as the blues matching the blue of a blue-and-yellow photograph that I took for a class.

Continuing my bird theme, don’t you think this makes the cutest jewelry display? My closest friends know I’m an accessories junkie. I love rings, necklaces, etc, but never have a great way to display them, which means I end up wearing the same 3 or 4 items over and over. This would be the perfect way to display the jewelry that I have that matches my seasonal clothing, or show off my favourite pieces.

Also on the jewelry holder front, the other day at Borders I saw and fell in love with this cool hand-shaped jewelry holder. I didn’t think anything could top it, but I may have finally found something that can.

This vintagey hook is so cool. Maybe if I had something like that by the door when I walked into my room, I wouldn’t constantly be wondering where my keys are!

As an avid reader with very full bookshelves, I still find myself stashing the several books I’m in the middle of on my bedside table. I think these adorable bookends would help me clean up my collection. In fact, one of the books in the sample image they have there (Chuck Palahniuk’s “Invisible Monsters”) is on my bedside table right now!

In case I hadn’t made it super clear, I’m really into the bird thing right now. Wouldn’t this be the cutest addition by my desk?

Now I don’t know if this Scratch-off Wall Map is aimed at the compulsive gambler, the compulsive traveler, or both, but I definitely want one by my desk. Imagine scratching off the countries you’ve been to, or better, the countries I have friends in!

I am also a firm believer that every girl should own at least one set of Satin Sheets. Now, I am a girl. I do not own a set of satin sheets. What is wrong with this picture? I want some freakin’ satin sheets, people!

I love turtles. They’re my absolute favourite animal ever. Because of this, I think this would make the best catch-all dish ever. I think I would name him George.

Also, I don’t really care for my ceiling fan. It’s creaky, it’s kind of ugly, and, well… ceiling fans just aren’t stylish or pretty. But this would be the coolest replacement. Isn’t it the cutest hanging lamp ever?!

Now, below are things that wouldn’t work for my room, but are definitely things I would get for my house someday…

I love how this rug adds the perfect amount of charm, and wit. If you can’t read it, it says “The key to my heart is under this rug.”

Urban Outfitters also has some adorable furniture. Take this chair for example. Can you imagine how cute that would look in an entryway? I think it’s the perfect mix of modernity and vintage flair.

I also think Urban Outfitters has some awesome gift ideas. For example, my boyfriend is a total genius in the kitchen, and he is a HUGE fan of kitchen gadgets. I’m pretty sure he needs this. I don’t care if he wants it or not. He totally needs one. How else is he gonna make me doughnuts with his mad cooking skillz?

Speaking of sweets, I’m a huge fan of cupcakes. I love them. They’re one of my favourite things ever. They taste good, they look so pretty, and they keep me from eating the entire cake. I also like Christmas trees, and I can’t wait to get the sugary sweet purple foil one I found at Borders this year.

I’m pretty sure these are the perfect compliment to my tree. They’ve pictured 4, but it’s a set of 6.

See, my obsession with cupcakes means it can never go too far. Or can it? When I first saw this soap dispenser, I thought that the one place I never wanted to see a cupcake was in the Bathroom. After all, my scale is in there, and he would give me that look of disapproval I already get too often. But then I realized this soap dispenser is perfect for a cupcake themed kitchen!

You know what else is going to go in my cupcake themed kitchen? These sassy measuring cups, of course!

The shape of cupcakes totally makes me think of mushrooms. And mushrooms make me think of Mario. And the inner old-school nerd in me really thinks these decals would make for the coolest kids’ room ever. Or game room. Or basement. Or bathroom. Or… or any excuse for me to get these decals, really.

And for my living room, I think I found the perfect tapestry to use as a throw blanket. It comes in blue and orange, and while I’d usually be inclined to pick the blue, I love how the orange really POPS!


I’m pretty sure that’s all that I want for now. Seriously, though, go check them out. They’ve got a ton of cute stuff, not just housewares. They have books and clothes and and and… everything! Go! Now! Seriously!



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