So much for catching up…

I know I promised a blog catching up on everything I have been up to the past month or so that I’ve been gone. However, my life has been SO crazy that it never ended up happening. I went to school, came home, studied, and forgot all about posting. Between school, work, and spending time with my boyfriend, I have zero time for much of an online presence, it seems. Here’s what I’m up to today, and hopefully I’ll actually do a catch up blog soon, with some great photos of the time I’ve been away!

Working on the International Dinner It’s a tradition every year for our exchange students to have an international dinner as a way of thanking the host families. They each make dishes from their home country, and students and host families join together in eating this awesome meal. The only problem? I have a LOT of work to do before it can happen this year! We decided it would be awesome to make a recipe book of all of the dishes being made this year, but that means a lot of design work on my part. Oh dear!

Setting up Displays with Kyle I haven’t really mentioned Kyle much, but he is my awesome, amazing, perfect boyfriend. He treats me like a complete PRINCESS! I love it. He does so much great stuff for me, no joke. Also, his current career is actually in the field I’m going to school for! He does visual merchandising, and I am studying Fashion Marketing with an emphasis in Visual Merchandising! How cool is that? Anyway, he has some displays he needs to set up, and I have been recruited to help him out with that one. It not only gets things done faster, but it helps me see what the job is all about, and helps me decide for sure that it’s what I want to do. He says that I have an eye for it, but also says that it’s not too late to switch to Advertising Design, since Visuals doesn’t pay all that great. Ha!

Scrapping I did a whole two layouts this month. I’m pretty much awesome, right? I can’t believe I’ve hardly done any scrapping! It’s so sad! I have a lot of photos I really want to scrap this year, and I haven’t even gotten started on it. It’s truly upsetting. I haven’t even started on the book of Kyle and I’s relationship, and it’s something I really really want to document. Ugh. I feel like I’m falling behind, which is something I told myself I was never going to let myself feel.

Bills Oh. Right. I still have to pay those. Darn it!


So that’s what I’m up to today, tomorrow, the whole weekend in general. Plus, squeezing in time for homework. Fun, right? Haha! I hope you guys have a great weekend, and hopefully I’ll get to some bloggage in the near future.


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