Discount Shopping… My guilty pleasure…

I have a couple of guilty pleasures online. My mom gets irritated because every day, I log in and browse the new sales, agonize over what I want to buy, and in the end, I don’t usually buy anything, because I’m lying in wait for that PERFECT item.

The amount of AMAZING items is infinite. And the discounts are insane. I’ve seen some shirts as much as 90% off. The other day, I scored a tee shirt that WAS $60, and now was $20. It was an adorable shirt that I had been eyeing for a long time before it showed up on the site. It’s a shirt from a Hindi designer that says “Intelligent” on the front in Hindi, and on the back shoulderblade “I am intelligent.” They also had one that used “Protected” in the same light. They have everything, too, from name-brand and designer label clothing, to shoes, to bags, to baby items, to travel, and new sales show up every day. Sales don’t last long, and items are there until they’re sold out. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. I’ve seen home goods next to great Swarovski necklaces, and options range from Lucky to Mark Jacobs to Chanel and back.

Here are my three favourite sites and why I love them, in no particular order:

1. Rue La La

It was the first of the discount sites I signed up for, since I got a referral link from a friend. One nice thing about it is that you get $10 for every friend you refer on their first purchase. I will leave my referral link below, but you have no obligation to join under me if you know someone else who you’re close to that loves the site. However, the website IS invitation only, so you’ll have to go through SOMEONE to get in.

When you join, you do get a $10.00 credit for any purchase. Basically, shipping is usually just under $10, so it’s really the equivalent of free shipping, but I’ll take what I can get. $10.00 seems like insane shipping prices, but honestly, when I’m looking at the really good deals I’m getting, I can’t say when I total the price of the product and shipping that I’m paying more than I would at the mall. Sure, I may be paying $39 for a bra instead of the $29 it was listed on the site, once you add in shipping, but I’ve paid more than $39 at stores like Victoria’s Secret, and in my opinion, this is a better, cuter bra than the ones at Victoria’s Secret. To me, the deals are worthwhile even when you factor in the free shipping. On a few occasions, their email newsletter has given me a discount code or shipping code good only for that day.

The site is easy to use. You open it and there are various “stores” on the front page. Today, they include Poleci, PII (engineered by Poleci), Kork-Ease (awesome cork shoes!), Kate Spade Home, Tibi, Tano, Swarovski, Tailorbyrd, Salons and Spas we Love, Madison Avenue Coture- Chanel, Lois Hill, Johnston and Murphy Shoes, Johnston and Murphy Mens (again, shoes), Ann Gish (home), Cruise Italy Windstar Cruises, Valentino Roma, Red Valentino, Fluxus, Campus Style Fall Refresh, Tourneau Watches. New sales start every day, and most sales last for one or two days before the end, but if you see something you like, you might snatch it quickly, because sales end early when the merchandise is sold out.

On Rue La La, they will let you know when only 2 or 3 are left. And don’t rely on “it’s in my cart, it’s mine,” because you have 15 minutes from the time you put something in your cart, until the time you complete your order, or it puts it back in the store. It’s to make it fair for everyone, and not have someone holding something in their cart until they can talk the purchase over with someone else.

It’s a fun site, and I love the items on there, and, as I said, the wide variety of things I find, from watches to clothing to really good gift items.

Here’s a referral link, so you can get in:

2. Hautelook

This one, I joined from a magazine I used to subscribe to. They sent me a referral, and I decided to join. Since it was months ago, I don’t recall which magazine it was, but I want to say it was Lucky. The site is clean, and organized much like Rue La La, with various storefronts that you click on to view the products.

One issue that I have is that it’s difficult to open several tabs with items you like. When I shop like this, I like to open several tabs with everything that I like, and then narrow it down to the ONE thing I love. With Hautelook, I have to do that crazy “open in new tab” after right clicking thing. That’s not enough to make me stop using it, and I’d say the sales they have are preferable to the sales HauteLook has. I just seem to like their style more, and the items they have to offer.

Today, they’re offering up the following: Saturday Blowout (which is just a mishmoshing of different clothing items from different brands), My Tribe, Crestview Collection (looks like table lamps), The Ring (men’s tee shirts, I think), Kitson Blowout, Sunglasses under $75 (including some Marc by Marc Jacobs for only $50!), Apart, Baby Aspen Gifts (it took a lot of willpower not to buy everything! They had cute baby gift baskets at MUCH cheaper than hospital gift shop prices, and much cuter. I’d say they were around Target Prices, about 50% off of their regular price, and really adorable. Like cute little pajamas with a hat decorated in sprinkles, enclosed in a cute little ice-cream pint shaped container), Suki, Soho Hearts, Skagerak Denmark (really cute furniture, including a kids table and bench), Mia Bossi (bags), Toss Designs Blowout, AmritaSingh Jewelry, AmritaSingh Accessories, Autumn Cashmere, Romeo and Juliet, Tart Blowout, and Floor Coture.

Just like Rue La La, HauteLook has new sales starting daily, and they vary. I love the selection of items I’ve seen on HauteLook, and I also like that they seem to have more selection of different styles than Rue La La. I’ve seen several sales of Hindi Designers, which I have had a thing for lately, among others that I just love. I feel like they have a huge selection, and I love the amount of lingerie they have, as well. They also tend to have a wider selection of very well known name brands.

Again, invite friends and when they make their first purchase, you get a $10 credit.

Here is a referral to HauteLook:

3. Swirl By Daily Candy

Now, Swirl is my newest of the collections, and I have yet to make a purchase there, but honestly, so far I like it the best. Marie Claire referred me there and enticed me with a nice credit off my purchase if I signed up. I’m holding it until an upcoming sale. Swirl is still in beta, and doesn’t have as many storefronts as the other two websites, but I like that because it’s not overwhelming. It’s very straightforward, a few sales a day, and if you don’t like today, come back tomorrow, because a new store will be up. Today, they have Kensie Denim, Miss Sixty, By Francine, and Josh Brody. The sales are adorable, and I just love the graphics on the website. It’s easy to navigate, and incredibly easy to use. Same basic shipping rate applies, but if you have friends who are interested, the deal is even sweeter here. Remember how the other two stores gave you $10 spending money for your friend’s first purchase on the site? Swirl gives you $25 for each friend you bring in. If you have a Visa Signature Card (I don’t), apparently you get extra perks, but I’m not sure what they are. Also, if you are a DailyCandy Subscriber, you also get more perks.

Again, it’s invite-only, so here’s a link:

These sites can score you some great deals. And if you’re into high fashion, while it may not be cheap (still over $2,000), you can score the $5,000 Chanel goods you’ve been eyeing. You can spend as little or as much as you like; you won’t get removed from the websites if you do what I do, and window shop every day, with no intent to buy. It’s a lot of fun to see what’s out there, and I guarantee eventually you’ll rope yourself into buying SOMETHING off of the websites.



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