My School Plan

Okay, so I am trying to get more organized. And part of that is figuring out where I’m at in school, and figuring out where I need to be and how long it will take me. Today I worked out several plans, juggling various possible courseloads. If I take 6 (4 hours each) classes per quarter, I could be out in two years. Umm, no. That’s insane.

If I take 5 classes each quarter, I’ll be out in two and a half. Four classes per quarter? Three years. So I’m probably going to shoot for 5 classes a quarter, and then my last two quarters I can do only 4 classes. Anyway, here is the basics of what I have done, what I don’t have done, and what I still have to do…

I transferred in 47 credit hours. That’s not great, considering I had a lot more than that, but hey, it’s better than starting at the beginning. I transferred in:

-Composition I
-Composition II (counts as an elective)
-General Psychology (elective)
-General Sociology (elective)
-Environmental Science (elective)
-Applied Math With Stats
-US History to 1877
-Principles of Communication (speech)
-Intro to Fine Arts (art history)
-Introduction to Philosophy
– Ethics
So see? I knocked out about 3 semesters of classes, or, almost a full year.

Currently, I’m taking a light load (ha! I study non-stop!).

Survey of the Fashion Industry
Fundamentals of Design

This leaves the following:

Two electives
Sensory Language and Culture
Fundamentals of Marketing
Fundamentals of Business
Fundamentals of Advertising
Color Theory
Principles of Photography
Image Manipulation
Digital Typography
Principles of Market Research
Consumer Behaviour
Trends and Concepts in Apparel
Costume History 1
Costume History 2
Textiles 2
Marketing Seminar
Fashion Concepting
Cost and Line Specifications
Marketing Development
Tariff, Trade, and Resourcing
Global Marketing
Visual Techniques and Design 1
Visual Techniques and Design 2
Apparel Evaluation and Construction
Retail Buying 1
Retail Buying 2
Inventory and Stock Control
Human Resources Management
In-House Promotion
Professional Selling
Home Furnishings Marketing
Product Development
Catalog Development
Retail Store Management
Special Topics in Fashion Marketing
Externship or Future Trends in Fashion Marketing
Business Communication
Career Development
Project Preparation

Still so much left to do, but if you look, almost every class is directly related to what I’m going to be doing. I love this school, and I’m so excited for the future classes I’ll be taking.

Now, to survive the semester!


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