Help Me Figure Out What’s Wrong With Me

Okay, so. I went to the emergency room, at the request of my OB/GYN. Here’s the issue. The hospital told me to “go home and eat something.” Um, kthx, lovely hospital people. Y’all are quacks (no offense to anyone working in the hospital system– a lot of you are amazing).

I am hesitant to trust what a hospital says. I know when something is wrong with my body, and something is definitely wrong with my body. So I’m going to give you all the gory details (if you’re not cool with lady issues or blood or fatigue, you might stop reading soon). And you’re going to tell me what you think could possibly be wrong with me.

Trust me, I’m not going to storm into my doctor’s office demanding that he listen to the “people of the interwebs.” I’m more doing this for humours’ sake. But, I’m also doing this because I know a LOT of people who have gone to the hospital, been sent home with a clean bill of health, and then found out years later they had had a stroke and that’s what brought on those symptoms, or that they had cancer, or something else, that could have been caught early had the doctors paid attention that day.

That’s why I’m hesitant to just accept what the hospital said today. Basically, I paid $500 to have someone tell me to go make a sammich. I could have stayed home and called my close friend and saved myself $500. Then again, he would have eaten the sammich, so maybe it wouldn’t have fixed things. Whatever.

Okay, gory details start now:

Last Thursday (so just over 1 week ago), I started experiencing Vaginal Bleeding. I’m hesitant to refer to it as menstruation right now, you’ll see why). Okay, I’m on Loestrin 24 for my mood swings, which is Birth Control. I am currently 5 days away from my placebo iron pills, which is usually when I get my short, 3 day little light period. My placebo pills actually fell on the same day as the days I was getting my period anyway. I have been on the pill for 4 or 5 months, which means it’s not a new pill. BEFORE I started the pill, I had a moderately heavy period (1 pad every 4-5 hours), and it lasted around 4 days. This has been 8 days now, and is about 1 pad every 3-4 hours. So you can see why I’m a little bit hesitant to refer to it as menstruation, etc. Because I’m not 100% convinced it is that. The first 2 days of it, I had some cramping, but a heating pad helped out a lot.

Anyway, 5 days ago, I started feeling weak and tired a LOT. All the time. I just want to sleep. 2 or 3 days ago, I completely lost my appetite. I didn’t want any food or drink. Yesterday, I only ate a pizza lunchable, around 10:30pm, and today, I had a few bites of soft pretzel, and two chips. That’s low amounts of food for me, but I’m just NOT HUNGRY. When I have eaten, I’ve immediately felt very nauseous, like I was going to lose my food. Drinking, same thing. Water makes me want to hurl. I woke up thirsty last night, and drank a glass of water, and promptly felt like throwing up. I’ve kept it down, but just barely.

For two or three days, I’ve also been dizzy. I’ve been very very hot, then cold again, then very hot again. I’ve been weak and tired, just like the days before. And today, I fainted. I was going back to my room to get a pen, and all of a sudden, I woke up on the ground.

I have no idea what is wrong with me. But I know what’s normal for my body, and what isn’t, and this isn’t.

So, blogosphere…. what’s wrong with me?

Oh. You might also want to know the tests that the hospital ran. I’m not pregnant (well DUH. I haven’t been intimate since before my miscarriage, thanks. Yes, I realize this blog has now gotten entirely too personal!). There was no infection or whatever that could have caused the bleeding. No yeast or bacteria or STI or anything like that. I’m not anemic. I’m slightly dehydrated, but that doesn’t account for everything, in my mind. I don’t know what other tests they ran, if they ran cell counts or anything else. I just know those few that they mentioned to me. They sent me home, and told me to eat. And that if I was nauseous, to continue eating, and maybe eat some small meals if it was easier to keep me from getting nauseous.

Wow. Helpful. Glad I paid that much money for that. AND, they want me to pay MORE money, go back to see my OB, who sent me to them because of the fainting, etc. So now, I get to pay the hospital. And the OB. And, she might refer me to my family practice doctor (I mean, I have to see her, the OB, anyway, to discuss the PMDD stuff) but still. It’s dumb.

So… what’s wrong with me?



  1. can i am getting to the point am about to black out and get spells were i cant think and mucsle are pulling and like my body is shutting down and first i was getting bad headaches in the back of the head and chest pain well after a while it wented away from 3 month now all this is happening i feel as i am losing my mind but i dont i am not… i stay sick and dizzy and have dirrea all the time… the doctor said first it was panic attack i use to have them and it aint nothing like this and i had it bad like 5 years ago… now they dont know so i am going to find another doctor and i have been to the er like i dont know but everything was fine but potassium was a little low but getting it back up and white cell was a little high but taking something for it cause of my tooth.. ok still not feeling it.. i been on bloodpressure and water pills for the swelling in my feet and i get like itching feeling in my chest from it hurts.. the er is tried of seeing me but hell someone out there who is a doctor needs to find out something… so now i am going to a specialist for my head i go back next week to see whats wrong and i am just tried of this i need a healing.. they problem need to do a stress test.. this is been going on for a year almost..

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