So much to say…

Okay, so I am long overdue on posting, and I have so many new posts I’ll be flooding on here in the next few days (provided I actually remember to blog, which would be new for me). I’ve just so consumed myself with other things lately (read: I’ve been watching every season of Law and Order: SVU on Netflix, in order, and therefore have no time for real life, like blogging and other internet activity), so I haven’t exactly been present on here.

I still need to finish my reviews of Dauphin Island (don’t worry, I wrote things down so it’s not like it’s my memory making things better than they were or anything). I still need to talk about my new position as the latest designer at I still have freebies to give to you (as soon as I can log off netflix and actually package them). And I still have a ton of other ridiculous things to show you. I just… forget. Oops.

Today is my first day of classes. Or rather, class. I have an 8am Survey of the Fashion Industry. It’s four hours long, and starts in a few minutes. Maybe class, and having a real schedule, will help me remember to blog for real.


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