Dauphin Island Reviews: Flamingo Fae’s

Sunday, after everyone goes to church, it’s time to find a restaurant, usually something that we all can enjoy, that serves seafood AND non-seafood options, since we are such a large, mixed interest group.

We had initially planned on going to Mary’s Place, where we had gone for a meal last year. When we pulled up to Mary’s place, we found that it was for sale, and that you can’t get the delicious seafood they used to serve there anymore.

Since we don’t know the island all that well, or didn’t, anyway, we asked locals for recommendations. They recommended we drive out to the Isle Dauphine Golf Club and visit Flamingo Fae’s, which had good food and a great view. They were right- it was situated at the perfect place for a really good view, and the food was good, too!

We had a great time sitting and talking, and enjoying the view until our food arrived.

When the food did come, it was excellent. Now, the oil spill was evident at Fae’s… any seafood dish, you had to add $2.00 to menu price because of the seafood shortage, and also there were no oysters. We saw the no oysters trend around several places we visited; apparently, there just weren’t any to be eaten. Other than that, the menu items were all available and they tasted so good!

I ordered the fish basket, and I’ll be honest, I don’t remember what kind of fish that I got, but it was flaky, and moist, and very well seasoned. It was definitely what I expected from an oceanside restaurant, and it tasted very good! Everyone seemed to enjoy their food. I got a taste of some shrimp, as well, and it was really well-prepared.

My dad ordered a burger, and boy was it a BIG burger! He has a big mouth, and even he had trouble fitting his mouth around it! It was a really thick patty, dripping with all the goodness you’d expect.

Fae’s really was great for lunch!

I got the opportunity to return again later in the week, but not for the indoor fun. A friend from the island, James, showed me the local hotspots, and Fae’s was the first place on our agenda. We spent time outside, poolside! There was a pool, and all kinds of seating. They served drinks, and, I believe a full menu of food. We hung out by the pool and enjoyed the view of the ocean. There was supposed to be a live band that night, but unfortunately they cancelled about 10 minutes after they were set to start. The radio stayed on and there were so many people there! It seemed like the perfect local hotspot! It was a lot of fun.

I didn’t get any pictures of the outdoor area, but I did get a couple more photos of the view.

For a schedule of upcoming events and specials, friend Fae’s on facebook!


The restaurant is open from 7am to 9pm, and serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

The pool area and tiki bar is open from 10am until the party ends at night!


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