Why mark. is the best job for me

I rarely talk about my job, because I don’t want my readers to feel like I’m constantly trying to get them to buy from me. My goal in this blog was not to advertise for my mark. business, but I would like to talk about why I love my job so much.

1) I love my job because it’s flexible. I get to work at the times I want to, and I get to set my own hours, and put as much or as little time into it as I happen to have. That means when I’m in school and studying, I don’t have to work full time, and when I’m out of school and have time on my hands, I can do a lot of work with it.

2) It’s always evolving! New catalogs mean new products that I couldn’t be more excited for… we just got a new fair trade line of products, and we’re getting new lipstick and eyeliner soon… new formulas, and new ways of doing things. It’s so refreshing, and provides me with a lot of energy to keep working at it!

3) My regional manager is awesome. She really takes the time to communicate with the girls in her region, even though there are thousands of girls in her region! She’s always there when I need her, and I just love that!

4) I’m able to be my biggest customer. I get a discount on the products, so I’m able to try them out for myself. I truly love the products, and I wouldn’t use anything else. I really have a passion for the products my company makes; otherwise, I wouldn’t sell them and rave about them so much!

If you want to get my job, or buy the products, you can visit http://jgraham.mymarkstore.com. I don’t get anything for you signing up, so that’s not why I’m trying to get you to become a rep. I’m mentioning it because I SO love this job, and I know that anyone who has a passion for makeup and fashion will probably love it, too!


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