One of the best things I've seen abroad.

The miniature museum in Hamburg, Germany was one of my favourite things to visit when I was in the city. Not only was it incredible to see some of the views that I know very well (Las Vegas and other parts of the US), but also places I hadn’t yet travelled (like Scandinavia)… and the kick was, all of it was miniaturized.

Now, I have seen miniatures before. But I had not, until this trip, been in such a detailed miniature museum. This one had lights that dimmed for night time, so the skylines could light up, and then it would return to daytime, as though it was real.

Plus, whoever created it must have had a sense of humour. There were these little hilarious details, like a squirrel on a wood pile, or a couple having *ahem* a bit of fun in a field of sunflowers. It was definitely worth visiting, and I hope someday to visit it again.


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