Dauphin Island: Our Week on the Island (Part Two)

I don’t quite remember where I left off with our incredible week on the island. I think Wednesday. But I’m going to back track a bit. I forgot to mention on Sunday night, I did what I’ve been promising myself for 7 years that I would do.

I lugged my blankets and pillows out to the balcony, and fell asleep listening to the ocean waves, with the feeling of the ocean breeze wrapped around me, that humid, salty, oceany smell. It was AWESOME. I’m going to do it again next year, I’m sure. It’s just such a cool experience. Or, well, a humid one, but still…

Anyway, I fell asleep pretty late, and that was a bad idea, because when you’re outside, there’s this tiny detail known as the SUN that likes to act as a giant alarm clock around 5:30 in the morning.

On the bright side, you get an awesome sunrise photo. This, for example.

The logical plan following waking up at sunrise is to drag your butt back to bed and sleep until it’s a bit later in the morning.

Now that I’ve mentioned that part that I forgot in my first blog post, the rest of the week!

Thursday was pretty awesome. I had been down at the pool talking to the maintenance guy a lot. His name is James, and he was a crab fisherman until BP screwed that up. He now is working maintenance since the meager checks BP sends are paying him in a month what he would be making in a week. I’ll talk more about BP and their horrible horrible-ness in another post, though. For now, I want to talk about the good things that happened during my trip.

Anyway, he and I had been talking most of the week, and finally, he asked Thursday if I wanted to go see more of the island. This was nice, because I love seeing places I travel from the perspective of someone local; I love to see where locals go to have fun and kick back. He took me to Flamingo Fae’s, which, I had been to earlier in the week for lunch, but this was a totally different scene. While the inside of the restaurant is great, in the evenings, the outside area is where you should be. There’s a pool out back, and the party goes until it stops. You can get drinks, and some food, and many nights there is a live band playing, but if not, the stereo is going, and they’ll turn it to your station if you’re nice. It’s a lot of fun, and trust me, there are a lot of people. Most of them are locals.

It’s a little place with a great view, Fae’s is. Go to the Isle Dauphine Golf Club to find it!

Friday, James took me to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, which is always a hit with me. It’s more of a tourist spot than a locals spot, but I will take any chance I can get to see the turtles! After that, we went to the Bird Sanctuary, which has so many nice walking trails, and if you’re lucky, you might spot an Alligator in the pond!

Here’s a picture I took at the sea lab a couple of years ago.

That picture totally reminds me of this awesome Julian Smith video.

Saturday, not much happened, because we woke up before it was even light out, and said our goodbyes to the island. We left around sunrise, and I was so sad to leave. It was such a good week.

Soon, I will post full reviews of all of the places we ate, stayed, and visited, so I hope you keep reading my series, and enjoy!

Please take the time out to visit the gulf coast, especially right now when their tourism is dead. It is important to remember that despite the spill, there are still many things to do if the beach is closed, and honestly, so much more to do when it isn’t. The beach was not closed at ALL while we were there and we enjoyed many walks on the beach. My brother skimboarded and swam just like usual, and was able to do his nightly crabbing with more success than ever!

He caught an entire bucket full of hermit crabs in the span of 10 minutes! We release all of our crab catches back into the ocean when he is done showing them off to the family.

One morning he caught a huge crab with a barnacle on it’s head!

These ghost crabs were a bit wild!

I can’t wait to show you more photos of our trip in the coming days.


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