I know, I know…

I promised pictures, but I haven’t gotten them uploaded to the interwebs yet.

I’ll give you a little explanation.

We arrived home Saturday night, and opened the front door. The house smelled HORRIBLE. Seriously, gag-worthy. When exploring the house for reasons, we figured it out pretty quick. The significant rain flooded our basement. This caused our deep freezes to shut off, causing almost all of the food in them to spoil. Gross!

Plus, our carpet tiles molded a little, which made things worse. I’m highly allergic to mold, so it caused a lot of issues for my mom and I. Dad spent the whole day yesterday cleaning up the mess. Yuck!

Our house is finally starting to smell normal again, but restocking that deep freeze over time is going to be costly. Yikes.

On an unrelated note, BP sucks. First off, they’re burning sea turtles alive. I’m being serious. There was a program trying to take care of the sea turtles and rescue them. BP rammed them out after they saved only a tiny portion of the turtles, which happen to be endangered. BP wraps the oil, and the sea life including the Kemp’s Ridley turtles, in booms, then sets them on fire. There’s no way for the sea life to escape, and they’re alive when it’s burning.

If that’s not enough, I gained a close friend over the week on the Island; normally, he is a crab fisherman. However, with the oil spill, his season started and ended with setting traps, then picking them up, because the oil spill happened. He got a claim, yes, but BP’s solution for the crabbers and other sea life workers? To pay them only a tiny portion of what they usually make right now. BP is sending out monthly checks. That monthly check? It covers what they normally make in a WEEK. That’s hard, because this is the season when they make their money, and they save it for the rest of the year. It’s so unfortunate.

It just breaks my heart…

I’ll be back soon with pictures and full reviews of everything!


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