That Time of the Month

Oh, get your head out of the gutter. Not *that* time of the month… THAT time of the month! Meaning… it’s time for my scrap shopping to (unfortunately, perhaps) go into overdrive!

Right now, it’s almost time for Sweet Rewards over at SweetShoppe. I earned a 20% discount this month, which means on Monday, I will be cashing that reward in for the following:

Now this can only mean one thing. Okay, it can mean a lot of things, like these are what just happened to catch my eye, but mostly it means I am on VACATION! And this year, I’m going to do the unthinkable… I’m going to *try* to scrap it AS IT HAPPENS. Which means I HOPE to be almost done scrapping it by the time vacation is over. :: snort :: Yeah, right. But it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Additionally, not only did I get that yummy 20% off over at Sweet Shoppe, but I also earned $7 in rewards over at Inspiration Lane, by my guess…

Here’s what I plan to snag there:

I linked all of the images to their place in the stores, so if you want to be as cool as me and by them, you can. These are two of my favourite stores on the web at the moment, and they have some really awesome challenge systems if you want to get stuff cheap, or free, like I did!

At SweetShoppe, on the first of the month, they post a portfolio challenge with various chances to get discounts. Each topic (of 1-3 pages and/or hybrids) earn you from 1-10 points… there are several 1 point and 2 point challenges, two 5 point challenges (each require 3 layouts), and a hybrid 10 point challenge. Plus, there are opportunities to earn a few blog bonus challenges (one posted each week), and opportunities to add an extra point for doing a project hybrid, and a few extra points for using new releases, which are released each Saturday. 10 points earns you 20% off, 20 points earns you 30% off, and 30 points earns an incredible 40% off! This is available on most (but not all) products in the store!

At Inspiration Lane, a variety of challenges are posted each month from different designers and leaders. Each earns you 1 point, but using an Inspiration Lane product earns you 2 more points, for a total of 3. Every 5 points earns you $1.00, and the points rollover for up to 3 months! There is another set of challenges posted on the blog, that earn 1 point each for completion. These are called Rainbow Points, and if you earn 10 in a month, you can choose something from the pot of gold. These don’t roll over, but they do earn you some fancy things, like a club click membership or a past collaboration. And trust me, club click is WORTH IT! It’s the exclusive access club that gets you at least 10 products in a month, which later often get sold for higher prices than you paid for the membership. Plus, you get the daily download kit for free in your membership! It’s incredibly worth it.

Trust me, these sites are the cream of the crop.

But enough about them… I’m ON THE FREAKING BEACH! Okay, well, my laptop is not on the beach- with all that sand, are you kiddin’ me? But I am looking at the beach from my awesomesauce balcony. It’s beautiful… the pool, the beach, the everything. There are some tar balls on the beach, from what I’ve heard, but I haven’t been down there yet.

BP officials are EVERYWHERE. They’re trying to clean everything up because, well… I can’t tell you. Let’s just say an “important” visitor is coming. I don’t think he’s that important, but apparently a good portion of America does, and, well, we don’t have to like him, but we’re stuck with him for awhile. BP is doing a great job at hiding things, and they’re putting up some booms to help, at least until our visitor arrives, checks it out, and leaves.

But right now, the beaches are pristine. I see the oil rigs offshore, and it breaks my heart, but at the same time, I recognize that the island has no control over them. I’m sure they’d get rid of them, too, if they could. I think it’s high time we put more efforts into renewable, green energy, and start worrying about closing these down.

But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my beach vacation.

Right now, we’re staying at Holiday Isle and oh my gosh it’s stunning. Tall floor-to-ceiling windows view the beach, in both the living room and master bedroom- esssentially, the whole wall is window. King size bed in the master, 2 twins in a smaller room, and a queen in a third room make for plenty of sleep space. The balcony is HUGE, and has plenty of space for just hanging out, or, potentially, sleeping. I may sleep out here at least one night of the trip.

The ocean is stunning, and just goes on and on and on and on…

The condo has a tennis court, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a workout room, a sauna, a hot tub, a steam room, and more. The outdoor pool is largely shaded and underneath the belly of the building, so you get all the nice view and air, but it’s shaded. Though, there is a nice amount of sun area, as well, for those of you that crave it.

Seriously, it’s stunning here, BP or no BP, oil or no oil, special guest or no special guest.

Blogosphere, it’s shaping up to be a lovely vacation.


One comment

  1. Love that owl with the kiss the cook chef’s hat! In fact I love that kit, and I’m on my way over there now.

    Have a great holiday & good luck with the scrapping-as-you-go! 😀

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