News for me… and News for you!

So I just had the best thing happen to me yesterday! My favourite designer, Roseytoes Designs, asked me to be her CT LEAD! YAY! I’m so excited to be working so closely with Ryan, who I see not only as an amazing designer, but as a close friend. So that’s news for me- I was so happy to get asked by Ryan!

Anyway, here’s the important news… the news for YOU!

This weekend, Inspiration Lane is having a SUPER SAVER WEEKEND! And that means you can get a ton of kits for only $1.00! Ryan of Roseytoes Designs wants to give you an awesome deal– Any product is $1.00, and her bundles are only $2.50!!! This is a MAJOR SALE!

The ad links to Roseytoes’ store over at Inspiration Lane! The sale runs June 12 and 13.

Stay tuned, because there will be plenty more sales coming up!


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