I have been having some weird troubles sleeping lately. One night I’ll go to bed at 9:30 and sleep until 8:00am; other times, I’ll be awake until 5 or 6am, and then wake up at 11:30am. I don’t know why my sleep schedule is so ridiculous lately, but it is. Ick. I just feel so restless, like my mind won’t shut up. I do everything I can to try to keep it quiet, from listening to music before bed, to journaling the thoughts so they get out of my head, to reading to calm myself down at night. Nothing works. I’m so frustrated with it… It’s like I can’t regulate my sleep at all.

On the bright side, I have been feeling okay, allergies aside. Usually when my sleep is so screwy, especially when I go to bed super early, it’s related to my white blood cells being low, and needing extra time to regenerate. But honestly, I haven’t been overly tired. Just drowsy. That helps. I think most of it may actually be related to allergies, and breathing. It’s so humid here, and allergies have been so messy. It seems even turning the AC on hasn’t kicked the allergy thing. I’m not really the type to want to take medicine, though.

On the bright side, I’ve been getting quite a bit of scrapping taken care of. Late nights will do that for me. I’ve also been using my Netflix quite often lately… I watched Sofie Scholl: The Final Days Saturday night, and it was so good. I’ve determined Sofie is my hero. She stood up for what she believed in, stood up against Hitler, was given the option to turn in friends or recant her opinion for a lesser sentence, but she doesn’t give in- she fights every last second until the execute her; she fights for the beliefs she has, and she prays God will give her the strength to keep fighting. It’s so hard to watch; I cried through the entire movie. Much of it is her going back-and-forth with her interrogator, but it does have many parts that show other things. This woman was a fantastic show of faith, of trust, of strength. And she knew from the beginning it could mean her death. And in the end, as you can tell by the title, and the history books, it does. She was 21, my age. And I wonder, would I be strong enough to do the same? To stand up for what I believe in, knowing I’ll die because of it? She’s my hero.

On the flip side, last night I also started watching Rachel Getting Married. I’m a huge Anne Hathaway fan, and I had my eye on this video for months, at various redbox locations, and on my netflix. Last night I finally decided to watch it. I ended up turning it off, with hopes to finish it tonight. The movie has so much potential. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that it lived up to it’s potential. I mean, Anne does a great job portraying her character, as unlikeable as that character is at some points, but I found the various film angles to be distracting (which is surprising- I love documentary-style films, and I also love shaky-cam films, but this was just some weird hybrid of too many styles, and it was almost confusing). I plan on trying to finish the film tonight, but I’ve honestly lost a lot of hope that it’ll be good.

I requested 500 days of Summer awhile ago, and have the DVD, but keep forgetting to watch it. Why does instant play make it seem like DVDs are so much *effort*? Lol.

Anyway, I have laundry to do, and other stuff… hope everyone else is having a decent day.

By the way, anyone seen any good films lately? In theatres or on DVD? I’d love to know your suggestions for more films to add to my netflix queue.

As for Theatres, I did see Iron Man 2. It was awesome, but the first one was better. Anyone else catch the glimpse at Thor’s hammer? I’m pretty excited about the other films coming our way- Thor, Captain America, the Avengers movie… YAY! And I’m not even a comic book type girl.

I also saw Kick Ass. I went in with very low expectations- the movie looked dumb in previews- but friends asked me to go, and so I went. That movie ROCKED! It made me laugh my butt off, sob uncontrollably, and basically stare a bit dumbfounded. That’s the most gore in a comedy film since Shaun of the Dead, I’m pretty sure, so if you’re not fond of gore, or a little bit of language, you’ll want to skip this film. But it’s a pretty decent movie with a lot of awesome weaponry. Plus, Nicholas Cage with a mustache? His character gave me plenty of lawls, especially since he’s generally, and even in this film remained, pretty deadpan. I’ll probably buy it, or at least netflix it, when it comes out. A movie like that is worth a second look.



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