I suck at blogging (plus new release)

I tremendously suck at blogging. Seriously. I’ll do it religiously for about two weeks, and then I disappear for two weeks or longer. A lot has happened since I last blogged… I went out of town. I hung out with a good friend and went to a nearby college town to walk around and buy awesome German candy and take a ten minute drive to something that was a block away, because SOMEONE (not me!) can’t navigate. I’ve eaten good food, and watched some great TV (anyone else catch that Bones season finale? It made me cry!), and talked to some incredible people. I’ve had good days, and bad days, and a whole bunch of stuff in between. But the important thing is… I neglected to blog about it. DUMB!

On the bright side, I’m blogging now, and that’s what matters. Today is the day when a lot of scrapbooking stores get a lot of new goodies, so that means I have an AWESOME new release to show you guys. The designer, Ryan, of Roseytoes Designs, is a great lady to CT for, but also a fantastic friend. I’ve been in search of a really quality dog kit for awhile, one that just SCREAMED Echo, and one that, most importantly, went well with his sweatshirt. I know, I’m one of THOSE dog moms. Anyway, Ryan came up with a kit that met my needs perfectly (okay, well, I’m not sure she made it to meet MY needs so much as she made a really good dog kit that many people wanted to see, but still. I can believe it was all about me, right?) Anyway, it’s adorable, so much fun to play with, and one of the best kits I’ve played with in awhile- CT or NO CT.

Without further ado, here is the beautiful kit.

The image links to the store at Inspiration Lane, and you’ll want to snag the bundle. Trust me, the bundle is 52% off, and is a steal at only $4.76 today! You’ll want to go grab it! There’s enough in there that you can even make a lot of non-dog themed layouts. Promise.

Here’s a layout I did with the kit, about my dog’s prized possession, his sweatshirt.

See? Amazing kit. I love it.

And, since it’s New Release and Sale Saturday at a lot of sites, let me tell you about the other goodies I picked up around the web.

I got a Three Month Subscription to Club Click over at Inspiration Lane. If you haven’t heard of it, let me tell you a little bit about it. For $5 each month, or $12 for a 3 month subscribtion, you get 10 products from 5 designers, including the Daily Download kit, in it’s entirety! By buying it today, I got access to May, June, and July’s downloads. I went and picked up the awesome goodies that were posted this month, and let me tell you, it is not at all a disappointment! I’ve gotten some awesome paper packs, a couple of full kits, the daily download sampler that I’ve been craving all month, and some awesome minis. Trust me, it’s worth the money.

The image above links to the Inspiration Lane store. If you aren’t willing to pay the $5.00 for the 1 month or $12 for the 3 month, though, rest assured I have an awesome deal for you… you can get them 15% off today and tomorrow only! I picked up my 3 month for only $10.20! Let me help make your decision. The daily download kits are $1.50 each month if you decide to buy rather than come back each day to download (which I can NEVER remember to do!) So on a 3 month, that totals $4.50 to buy that kit each month… did I mention yet that it’s FREE in the club click! membership? Trust me, it’s well worth the price. I promise.

On the other side of the scrap-o-sphere (well, not other SIDE, necessarily. Just a different site), there is another *sweet* deal going on. The Sweet Shoppe has this awesome thing that they come out with four times per year, called the “quarterly assortment.” It’s $3.99 for a TON of mini kits- one from each designer, as well as a template or two and a font! It’s a great deal, and a great way to try a bunch of different designers kits’ at once! I first purchased it when I was new to sweet shoppe, and wanted a good variety of kits to use for their portfolio challenges, but couldn’t afford much at the time. The thing is, all of the money from the kits go to site maintenance, and keeping the site up! Isn’t that great? And several of the kits are add ons to kits you either know and love, or haven’t tried yet and will find out you want desperately! It’s seriously a great deal, and only $3.99! Pick up the current quarterly, or any of the other past quarterlies, in the link below… and browse the store, and their awesome challenge portfolio, while you’re there!

That should satisfy your scrapping needs for awhile, the links I posted! Now, I’m off to play with the new goodies I got today!

PS… go get Ryan’s kit… you know you want it 😉 Echo knows you want it, too.


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