ALS CHARITY KIT! (Please read…)

Hey, everyone, sorry to blog twice in one day, and also blog so much about scrapping stuff, but I really wanted to blog about this as soon as I found out about it. PLEASE keep reading, after the scrapping details I’m posting, or, if you don’t want to see the scrapping stuff, please scroll down and read the personal story at the bottom.

This is a bundle created by a bunch of fantastic designers. You can get it for $10 right now ($12 after June first, and after June, the kit is gone for good). It comes with the soft kit, the bold kit, two templates, and a bonus word art. Below is a closer look at each kit, which you CAN buy separately, for $6.00 each in May, or $7.20 each in June.

Now, I want to tell you the reason this kit is so near and dear to my heart.

I’ve seen what ALS does. Firsthand. My great aunt, Faye… I love her so much. She has been such an inspiration in my life, and in my family’s life. She’s the oldest of five girls, and is a beautiful, sophisticated, fun lady who I’ve gotten to know. And she is suffering from ALS. Her struggles have been going on for almost two years now. What started as a slight slur has now become a near complete inability to talk. She writes mostly, and can make some “uh huhs” and “uh uhs” with effort. At first, she started to lose her ability to eat the foods she enjoyed, and had to switch to protein shakes, and eventually medical assistance to get the sustenance she needs.

She isn’t the only one in our family who has dealt with this. My great grandmother had ALS. My great great grandmother had ALS.

As soon as I saw this Charity Kit, I knew I had to tell others about it. I started crying when I saw the kit, because it addresses such a personal issue to me. I urge you, if you’re a scrapper, please check out this kit. The images above are linked to the store at Brownie Scraps where you can purchase the individual kits, or the bundle.

If you aren’t a scrapper, you can still help support ALS Awareness during ALS Awareness month, and donate to the cause, and find out more information, at

You can also find out if there is an ALS walk near you, by going here

Thank you!



  1. HI…I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for sharing this unique link. If only I was a scrapper 🙂

    I work for the ALS Therapy Development Institute, a non-profit biotech with the sole mission of developing a treatment to slow or stop ALS. We have 30 researchers working daily out of our Cambridge, MA lab. I would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have regarding our research and connect you with information coming out of our lab. Please feel free to email me at

    Your friend in the fight,

    Amy Whipple
    Midwest Regional Director, ALS TDI

  2. Thank you for writting about Faye and your grandmothers. It made me cry. We don’t know how much longer Faye has but we are enjoying the time we have left with her. Thank you

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