Why I Digiscrap

I have a lot of reasons why I digiscrap. But every time I say that I’m a digital scrapper, people always go “Oh? Why? Do you ever do paper scrapping?”

I have many reasons why I don’t do paper scrapping. I mean, reasons outside of the paper and elements that I’ve purchased, that are still sitting in my closet unused.

But here is my grand list of why, exactly, I don’t paper scrap.

First off, when I buy a digital kit, I get a lot of papers and a lot of elements. I can spend the same amount on paper supplies, and not only do I typically get far fewer papers and elements for the same amount, I still only have 1-2 of each item. With digital, I can do 1 layout with a paper, or 500 layouts with a paper, but either way, I paid for that paper ONCE. With paper, if I want to use that paper once, I pay once, and if I want to use it 500 times, I pay for it 500 times (unless I’m just using bits and pieces, at which point, yes, I suppose I could get multiple uses out of one piece, but the general rule still applies). If I want to do clustering of 20 flowers around photos…. I would have to buy 20 flowers. With digital, I buy it ONCE. The other day, I did a layout where I used a frame 7 times. I only paid for the frame ONCE.

(using Motherhood by Krystal Hartley)

If I buy paper supplies, like elements and stickers, my elements, stickers, frames, etc, are all one size. I cannot resize them larger or smaller to meet my needs or my layout. If I buy a digital kit, I make the elements the size I want them. If I want them a touch bigger, I can make them a touch bigger. If I want them smaller, I can make them smaller. See the layout with the frames, above? I made them all kinds of sizes.

Does my kit not match my photo? Easy! All I have to do is recolour. Ever tried recolouring paper elements and papers? I’m pretty certain it’s not possible. I can easily change a red paper into a blue paper with just a few clicks.

A few months ago, I was recruited to make some photo albums for my friends. I designed all of the pages once, sent them to a printer (by the way, I had 10 photobooks FREE, all I had to do was pay shipping…), and got them printed. Every book looked incredible, and looked uniform (which is what we were going for), and I was able to do the same theme throughout the book (often using the same papers and elements over and over again). Instead of having to make each and every page 10 times, and instead of having to buy 10 times the albums and supplies, I paid for everything once, and made each layout once. Easy. Took a lot less time on my part, but still made a beautiful, memorable gift.

These are just a few reasons why digital scrapping is great for me… it’s an amazing creative outlet, de-stresses me (paper always stressed me out), gives me more freedom with fewer supplies, takes up far less space (I’m short on space, and don’t have room to store all of my papers, brads, stickers, alphas, everything), and costs a lot less (I’m a bargain hunter!)

Digiscrapping is a no-brainer option.

But see, it’s invading my brain. Today, I went to the store to buy a card. It was a pretty plain grad card. Nothing fancy. It had a star on it, and then had a phrase on the outside, and a phrase on the inside. VERY plain. How much? $3.99. FOR ONE BLOODY CARD.

Or, I could buy this awesome graduation kit by Libby Weifenbach.

It’s $6.99, so for less than what I would pay for the two cards, I could buy this kit, and make a ton of great graduation cards, plus finally get around to scrapping my high school grad photos (I just finished a COLLEGE degree, if that tells you how far behind I am).

See? This is why I digiscrap.

By the way, the image above is linked to Libby’s kit.


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