Shaycarl is My Hero

I am going to take a wild guess that 99.998% of my readers have no idea who ShayCarl, Mommytard/Katilette, PrincessTard, BabyTard, SonTard, FetusTard, and Malachi are (and before you get all upset at the names, the tard is referring to unitard. I promise I’m not making that up- if you watch the videos far enough back, you’ll understand).

A lot of my readership is not going to understand who these people are, but they are the “cast” of the number 44 most subscribed channel on Youtube. Now, 44 sounds pretty far down the list, until you realize that youtube has an estimated 1.2 BILLION users.

See, Shay came up with a simple plan. He was going to film every single day with his family, who are referred to by their “youtube” names in the videos (such as SonTard). This has included his wife’s pregnancy with the family’s fourth child, a move to LA from Idaho, and a move from LA back to Idaho, vacations to Las Vegas, and even things as minor as getting kicked out of walmart for filming in store.

He’s gotten a lot of criticism for the show, yes, but then when you think about it, ShayCarl is a youtube partner. This means he makes money by people watching his videos, commenting, and more. Since he is so popular on youtube, youtube makes money from ads viewed while watching his show, and youtube gives some of the profits back to him, for making their website more popular. I’ll be honest, before I started heavily watching shows like Shaytards and SXEPhil, I visited youtube on a probably bi-weekly basis (meaning twice per week, not every other week). Now, I am there every day, sometimes more than once a day. So clearly the ads are more noticed, etc.

But that’s the key… shaycarl makes money from having a popular show on youtube. Because youtube, and just carrying a video camera and taking time each evening to edit and upload videos, is Shay’s full time job…. he can actually spend more time with his family. He doesn’t have a day job anymore. He films his life. He makes money via youtube. His family gets time with him. All the time. Every day. I seriously applaud Shay. He found a way to provide for his family, AND get to spend time with them, constantly. And, at the same time, he’s preserving family memories. As a scrapbook enthusiast, I hold memory preservation in high regard. Most people have home movies, he has backups of all of his online videos. People who do home movies, a lot of them film special events. Shay films every. single. day.

A close friend of mine recently suggested I do what Shay does- film every day. Edit the videos. Post them on Youtube. Now I never have any intention of becoming a huge youtube celebrity. I will never make money from youtube for posting anything. I’ll be lucky to get a few viewers out of the deal. But I want to know your opinion. Should I do it? Should I film each day? If I’m to do this, and I mean… REALLY, TRULY do it… I’m going to have to go all out. That means new blog page relating entirely to the show. That means twitter, facebook, youtube accounts for my show. That means changing my life style… filming as I do every ordinary task, taking time out of my day to edit and upload each video at the end of the day, and starting the process all over again the next day as I wake up. It means truly changing my lifestyle and really committing to it. The positives are this: I have changed so much just in the past few months alone. Think of how many of the changes in my life I could capture on film- I could see how I’m growing and changing as a person. How my life is growing and changing. I would actually wake up in the mornings knowing “I have to get dressed, get ready, and DO SOMETHING…” What viewer wants to watch me do nothing? So I feel like maybe I would actually start accomplishing more.

I mean, if I did it, I’m sure I would start in small chunks. Maybe filming enough each day to really deal with things, and then starting to keep the video camera with me more. I’d start small. The equipment I have, the programs I have, and work my way into something bigger… the same way I did with scrapping. With scrappings, I started with free kits and a free program. Now, I have Corel, and a bunch of purchased kits. I’ve gotten a lot better at it, but it’s taken me a year of effort.

I think the same could go with vlogging, if I committed to it. But I want to know your opinions… should I do it? Should I put myself out there and film each day?

I have a poll below… so tell me what you think! I’ll definitely take your thoughts into mind. The poll expires in one week, so let me know…

And, in case you’ve not seen a Shaytards video and want to see what it’s all about, before you make your decision, here’s a video from Shaycarl.

So yeah… let me know what you think! Do I vlog? Do I not vlog?



  1. I put I don’t know…cuz well…I don’t know what
    other obligations you have in your life..
    Maybe if you really really wanted to do this…..ease into it
    say 3x a week. Ultimately though…the question is…
    Would it make you happy or enhance your life in a positve manner?
    If so…..Go for it! and not worry what anyone else thinks you should/
    should not do.

  2. he’s an inspirational guy who’s lucky enough to have found a way to live life like a permanent holiday, at the end of his life he’ll defiantly not be one of those people who constantly says “life’s too short” due to all the missed opportunities that have pasted them in life. at the moment i’m doing stuff i don’t particularly want to do, i look to shay and others like him or inspiration and am starting to form ideas and set different goals i really actually want to achieve, i consider those types of people better role models than my own parents, even though with the advancement of technology, new media, continuously growing opportunities i don’t think they reliese the news way people can meet success and make of their own life work for them these days, a lot has changed in the last 40-50 years and will continue to

    anyway enough rambling, i think you should do a vlog, just for yourself, don’t even think about money or who’s watching when you start, just do it so you can have a record of some of your life to look back on in future years, doing a vlog also might help you become an more active person just to bring as much entertaining footage into the vlog so it’s worth you or other people looking back on. i think i will do one someday, when i’ve moved out of home in a year or 2, when things start to get more interesting

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