I mean, I guess I could say I’ve been worrying over the past several weeks, what with the massive earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, China… the Volcanic action in both Iceland and the Congo… and all of the other wild weather that we have experienced.

But tonight, my worry rose to near-devastation level. I had neglected to remember Katla. Katla is the volcano that has, over past history, in 920, 1612, and 1821-23, erupted shortly after eruptions from Eyjafjallajoukull. Katla became overdue for an eruption in 1999, and though it’s not showing signs of near-eruption yet, if it chooses to erupt, much, if not all, of Iceland will be underwater.

Not only this, but talking about the volcanic activity with a friend (Drew again) got us discussing more earthquake and volcanic activity in locations nearer to us. After all, Yellowstone is overdue for an eruption. The New Madrid fault is overdue for snapping. All kinds of things are so ready to just burst, but haven’t yet. And then, there are the things that have. Drew alerted me to a minor disturbance that caused a crack in a local parking lot. I hadn’t heard about it, but then, I haven’t watched the news lately. He couldn’t produce a source, but said he’d look again. If it was in fact of seismic origin, I worry. Because it seems that, around the globe, we’ve see more wild activity this year, than in any year I can remember.

So yes, I am concerned. What will happen if things get worse? Is the earth eventually going to boot us off of it? Is this what was meant by the end times in the Bible, and I’ve simply been mis-interpreting it all along? Is Katla going to blow? If it does, will we lose Iceland in the process?

I feel like I have nothing but questions… and no real answers at all.


One comment

  1. No, we won’t get booted off 🙂 Jesus will come again before that happens!

    But I get the worry over when the natural world seems to go wonky. It’s understandable. But remember Who is in charge of it all – such a great comfort on Earth Day!

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