Taxicab Yellow

I don’t want to show you guys too much before the finished product is done… but here’s a sneak peeklet of the first coat of Taxicab Yellow in my bathroom.

Can’t wait to show you another sneak peek, and the finished product, soon!

Still working on getting the rest of the room paint-ready. I can’t do much until the bathroom is done, since a lot of the crap in my room currently belongs in the bathroom and/or bathroom storage… I’m attempting to rifle through my closet and get rid of some more clothes. I filled another 1/2 bag with stuff. But… I still can’t fit the rest of my laundry in! Crap! I may have to flip through again… also I need some more of those nifty things that hold 5 hangers at a time. I have four of them, but unfortunately cannot find more at Target OR Walmart, nor on their websites. I wanted to find some there, for gift-cardy sort of reasons, but I may be stopping at the As Seen On TV store at the mall for more. It’s just so convenient to put my clothing all on similar racks… all my Miley/Max white screenprint tees on one, all my dressy tops on another, all my jeans on another… but I don’t have enough! Dumb!

Anyway, there’s your look at the yellow. Thoughts? Sunny? Way too yellow?


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