My close friend, Drew, and I have joked back and forth for over a year now about our desire to travel to Iceland. I studied Iceland for a project in middle school. I’m quite in love with the culture, the land, the view, everything. I’m not sure Drew knows I studied it for awhile. I think he’s just aware of our shared passion for Iceland due to our love of the band Sigur Ros. Now, mind you, we love Iceland for other reasons, I’m sure. But his passion, and my real, deep passion, for Iceland, started with that band.

Our desire to go to Iceland deepened after photos and videos of the first recent volcano eruption were released. It looked beautiful. It sounded powerful. We wanted to see it for ourselves.

Mind you, this wasn’t an option. Neither of us are working currently, and a trip to Iceland and back would cost us in the range of $10,000. We’ve often argued about who should have to pay for this trip. Drew argues me, saying I’m more wise about saving money. I argue him, as he’s actually physically capable of getting a job.

Anyway, these new photos were released of the second eruption. This is the volcano that grounded planes across Europe and has caused a whole lot of trouble. But my, my my, are they not beautiful? See, Volcanoes are another thing that I just absolutely adore. Volcanoes, Earthquakes, I love to think of them, study them, watch them at a distance (though, I’ve never seen one or experienced it’s power in person). I think that was because I had this awesome video as a child called Amazing Planet. It was about these Aliens that traveled to earth, and landed here accidentally, and in the process studied volcanoes. I think at one point they compared volcanoes to the earth “Tossing it’s cookies? Hurling? Blowing chunks? Barfing it’s guts out?” It was very enlightening, as a child, to have such a powerful, awe-inspiring act, be put into my terms.

Anyway, the following photos are so powerful, so intense, so magical. I chose my select favourites out of an article with tons of photographs. I am stating here that they are not mine, but I am linking them back to their source article if you’d like more information on the source. They were just too powerful not to share.

Click on the images to be linked to their original article!

Now, the actual blog can be found here. The photos are from Boston’s The Big Picture blog.

It contains 35 full colour photos about the people, animals, and places that are effected by this massive eruption.

My prayers go out to everyone who is effected by this volcano. My love of volcanoes and of Iceland do not at all overshadow my worry and hurt for those who aren’t able to see their loved ones due to grounded flights, or who are affected financially, physically, or in any other way by these events.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the volcano in the comments. Is it beautiful? Awe-inspiring? Scary? Have you experienced a volcanic eruption? When? Where? How did you feel?

I also encourage you to go check out the article on the website I linked the photos to. It has a lot of great pictures, and really illustrates things. Thank you, Drew, for the link, and for sharing my passion about Iceland, and it’s volcanic nature! And we’ll visit there someday (provided you pay).



  1. WOW, those are amazing photos! Thank you for sharing them as I’ve only seen satellite photos which are kind of monotonous! It’s funny how different people become fascinated with certain places or cultures — for me it’s Cambodia and India. I would LOVE to go to either of them and plan to someday!

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