Still Feeling Like Death (Also Painting)

I am still feeling, and looking, quite a bit like death himself.

I can’t breathe. I can’t use my nose, cause it’s stuffed up. I can’t use my mouth, because my lips are so chapped, and my chest is heavy and feels like an elephant is sitting on it.

My head hurts, my nose hurts, my lips hurt, my muscles hurt, and my jaw hurts. Mom says to see a doctor. I’m not sure how to do that, when I can barely find my way out of my bed.

On the bright side, I think my dad is going to spackle my bathroom today, so we can get started on the painting.

See, my bathroom is a dull neutral colour. Not really grey, but not really… well… anything. It’s the colour that it was built. The bathroom has never been painted. Not even when it was built! It’s just the actual colour of the wall itself. So it could use a real paint job. My bedroom is a dark blue on three walls, and a dark grey on the fourth wall. It was some New York City inspired colour theme I came up with in mid-high school, and just had to have (before that it was a dark orange Animal Print inspired theme, and before that, I don’t really remember). I’ve always liked changing my wall colour to suit my mood. But when I moved back home, I realized the blue and grey was far too depressing. Going through the divorce, and everything else, I realized I simply couldn’t handle such a dark, cold, icky room anymore.

My sister and I in the dark, blue, cold, empty room, above. And the icky grey room, below, covered in a whole bunch of memorabilia spanning my freshman through senior years of high school. All of it is off of the walls, finally.

So I went paint shopping. I chose the brightest, happiest, most fun paint colour I could find. Mind you,  our family is no stranger to bright, happy paint colours. When I was young, my mom and I painted my bedroom in the coolest way possible… we painted every wall white, and then used squirt guns filled with paint, one each of blue, yellow, red, and green, and just went at it on the walls. Paint streaked across and made the coolest designs. We killed probably 10 squirt guns (they’re made for water, which is MUCH thinner than paint, by the way) but it still was the neatest thing ever. All of my friends were jealous. My mom was the cool kind of mom that let me release my creativity in really unique ways. Like spray gunning my room. (I looked in my photo box for a photo, but can’t find one for some reason. I know we have a lot of photos of that room, but they’re probably all in the big photo box in my mom’s room… as soon as the painting gets done, I plan to sort through that, so I’m sure I’ll post a photo eventually of it).

We also painted the guest room a crazy bright green at one point. It’s still that colour now. Our kitchen is a dark reddish burgundy, which we love, and the guest bathroom is a bold blue. So colour? We’re not strangers to it. We love colour.

So when selecting a shade for my bedroom that was happy, upbeat, and ready to make me smile, TaxiCab Yellow didn’t seem off the mark at all!

I got this photo from the Sherwin Williams Color Selector.

I think the yellow seems warm, upbeat, and happy. I can’t wait to have my room painted, so I can see it for myself. I’m not sure how it will look, considering the layers of paint we have under it (I’m not sure if we’re scraping them all off or not). But… generally, I like it!

I also bought a pretty purple comforter from Walmart that I think will look delightful once the room is done.

I chose the HomeTrends Orkasi Bedding Set. Mind you, it’s still in it’s packaging. I don’t want to take it out and risk dripping yellow paint all over it. I’m going for clean and modern, not splattery!

I’m also looking at buying this from Target to use as a makeshift headboard, since the space behind my queen bed is empty!

I think that will make a pretty cool option as a headboard, and will keep with my upscale-but-rustic sort of theme. Besides, a black-yellow contrast is hard to beat.

Now the question is, keep the see-through purple curtains, or invest in some nice blackout curtains for my room?

I already got some great new black bookshelves for my books, and used an existing black bookshelf for my DVDs. My brown-and-black desk fit nicely next to my bed.

I’m thinking my bathroom full-length mirror is going to get painted black (it hasn’t been painted since it was purchased over 23 years ago, and it’s yellowing and faded). I’m also thinking that my bed side table, which is a natural brown colour, may get some new knobs if I can find a pair I like. The glass is fine, and the wood is even okay, but I really would like some new knobs. Who knows, though… if I get the energy, I may go all-out and paint it black as well! Then, things would match even better.

I’m just hoping in the next few days, I start feeling better… and my room starts to take shape into the happy oasis I’d like it to be, rather than the grim, drab, depressing place it is now.

The de-cluttering is definitely helping, though!



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