My Room- The grand BEFORE!

I took photos from four different corners in my room, for a good look at the whole room.

Obviously we’ve spackled where the lower shelf was on the wall (under the dolls). It fell while we were on holiday last June, and we hadn’t taken care of it (after all, I got married in July, so we had a little bit on our plates at the time). The whole closet area needs some work, both inside, and in front of it, on my part. I have already cut my clothing in half, but may need to go through it again and weed it out. I also need to get fewer clothes in the center of the rack, because, as you can see, it looks like it’s about to fall (I assure you, it is NOT about to fall… it’s just years of too many clothes have warped the rod into that shape).

The bedside table, I have not yet decided what I’m going to do with. I don’t know if I want to leave it exactly as it is, or if I’d like to change just the knobs, or if I’d like to re-paint the whole thing with a nice wash of black. I don’t know. I may ask my mother’s opinion. It’s just, most of what I have is black rather than wood, and what little wood I have on my desk doesn’t match the side tables… so I haven’t decided yet. I also need to either figure out a way to slipcover the throw pillows I want, get rid of the pillows I don’t need, and get more pillowcases for the pillows that I need. I already have a new sheet set and bedspread, so this sheet set will be my backup for laundry and the comforter can go back to the basement for my parents’ to use as needed.

Obviously my desk needs cleaned off. And the bed, well, I already discussed what the bed needs above. Once the room is painted, I have some cool silver 3-d flowers that I bought from Target (picture below the photos of my room) that will go around my window. My headboard for my bed will be some Target stick-on wall art (the birds and tree, which I put in a separate blog post that showed off my new comforter), and, as I said… that desk! Yikes! It needs some serious work.

I have a picture frame for the wall space between the bathroom and the window, so I will hang that after it’s painted (and after I have prints for it! I’m SO bad about printing pictures). It’ll hang above the mini fridge and microwave.

I haven’t decided whether or not I’m getting a new curtain. On the one hand, the curtain I have matches my bedding pretty well. On the other hand, it doesn’t block out much light, and I’m a big fan of sleeping in late… so I’m not sure if I want something a little better (read: darker) there. Disregard the full-length mirror- my dad got it out of the bathroom before I took my before/after photos of each room. The mirror I plan on painting (the frame anyway) black to go with the overall bathroom.

Ignore all the stuff on the bed in the spare bedroom. That’s the contents of my bathroom and car at the moment, until the painting is done and I can find room with them.

Above the two bookshelves that hold actual books, I’m going to put more picture frames (again, need prints!) to tie in that wall a little bit better. I also have some circle mirrors… haven’t decided if I’m putting those over my desk, mixed in with the frames by the bookshelves, or in the bathroom. I’m leaning towards the bathroom… not sure, though.

Now for the bathroom… first off, these aren’t true “before” photos because I didn’t get in there before dad started the spackling and removing the fixtures…

It’s pretty small. I mean, it’s only a half bath. So there isn’t much to see. There was a towel rack on the wall opposite the toilet. I’ve decided NOT to re-install that. Why does a half bath NEED a full size towel rack? For me, it only makes the bathroom look smaller, and it really doesn’t add anything to the room. I think a small hand towel rack will be plenty, and positioned by the sink will keep me from dripping all over as I turn around.

As you can see, the colour that came when we bought the house was super drab and ugly… not really ANY colour.

The sticker on that medicine cabinet from my late-elementary school days has to go. I may sit and scrub and scrape at it over the next few days and see where I get. I’d love to replace the whole medicine cabinet, but that’s honestly not in the budget right now, and no one really sees my bathroom anyway!

That mirror that I mentioned earlier I planned on painting black goes on the wall by the toilet. It’s going to look a lot better painted black, I think, and it will look really nice against that wall.

I opted to remove the soap dish that was attached to the wall as well as the toothbrush/cup holder. I haven’t ever used them, and they just take up space, so I want them gone. I’m sick of having a lot of junk that I honestly don’t even use.

I have a bathroom cabinet that is white. It’s going to go behind my toilet (hopefully it fits- it fit in the apartment, anyway!) I think the white will look nice and clean against the yellow. On second thoughts, maybe the mirror needs a nice coat of white paint instead?

Anyway, that’s all the before photos. I can’t wait to take some great after photos! (Though, it may be awhile before things get finished).



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