Playing with Macro+Zoom

When I first went out, I took a couple of shots, and really liked this one of the leaves against the blossoms and blue sky. The focus isn’t on the leaves, but it still looks pretty decent. I like the colour.

However, when photographing the tree today, I had to basically plug my nose. There is about one week when our tree (I found out it was a Bradford Pear) smells akin to dog poo or a dead fish. This week is that week.

It was worth it, though, because soon, the blossoms will be gone, and we will be stuck with just the leaves, unchanging until autumn.

For several shots, I tried a new technique. Instead of just getting my lens close and doing a macro shot, I decided to do a macro using zoom, and varying distances, until I found the perfect crispness. I love how this shot turned out. Well, aside from my car in the background. Otherwise, I love the depth of field, and the focus on that close blossom.

For this one, I wanted a different angle. And to be honest, I really liked that I inadvertently chose a less-than-perfect blossom. I think it shows the character in this tree.

I even finally got a really good shot of the buds! It took a lot of effort to get something decent.

I just love this tree.

When I went to photograph the tulips tonight, they had already closed up.

One permanent fixture of spring at our house is birds making a nest on our porch light near the front door. Don’t worry, I didn’t disturb the nest, or use flash, or touch it, or anything. I simply popped up, got the shot, and walked away. I made sure the nest was empty when I photographed it, as well.

Happy spring!

Also, soon I will be trying to set up a blog featuring my 9 year old brother’s photography. So look for a link to come soon!


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