Can I just go back to bed?

Today isn’t a very good day. Or rather, last night was a pretty sucky night, and today is just dealing with the aftermath.

On the bright side, I feel a little better. Just mostly tired. And also Echo got a bath today. He looked ridiculous afterwards, what with all that hair that needs to be cut. He’s wrapped up in his blanket next to me, sleeping. I think maybe it is a bit… emasculating to have such a bright pink blanket, but, he must not mind too much. He loves to sleep on it. I gave it to him around the time he started sleeping on the floor. I guess I toss and turn too much for him to want to sleep with me? So I gave him the blanket to make the floor a little less hard for him.

His first reaction? He laid down, and peed on it. I’m not sure if that was “OMG this blanket is UGLY!” or “Ooh, I should mark my territory cause this blanket ROCKS!” Not sure which. Needless to say, he had it taken away for a few days while I washed it.

I brought it back up and gave it to him, and he snuggled up on it and has loved his blanket ever since. So perhaps he either didn’t think it was ugly, or just rapidly got used to it.

Anyway, here’s my soggy dog, sans blanket. I really need to get a photo of him wrapped up in that blanket.

Anyway, I am updating this post several hours after I originally started it. Echo and I DID get a three hour nap, and we feel so much better. We just aren’t letting things get to us anymore!



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