At Peace

My husband called today for the first time since February. He’s back in the states. At least, I think he is. It was weird hearing his voice. The call was good though. I mean, I already knew that I don’t love him. But the call helped confirm that I don’t hate him, either. I just feel… numb isn’t the right word. At peace, I guess. Like he’s insignificant now.

He called to tell me he wouldn’t dodge a server if I tried to file, and he also said he wasn’t my enemy. I guess I’ve generally seen it differently, considering everything that happened, but… that’s in the past. I told him I wasn’t going to let his chain of command know about the things he did, and I wouldn’t try to ruin his career. And it’s true, better for him to be there, in the Corps, than here, where I could get hurt. I see no reason to destroy his career with it.

Anyway, I guess I feel like I’m at a good place with it, and ready to move on.

Only bad thing? He is now “missing.” As in, his chain of command said he didn’t come back to the US. Um… wait, what? I’m so confused. He called me from a US number this morning. That doesn’t mean anything- a few guys DO keep their cell phones over there, and pay the ungodly prices of using it. So I guess it’s concievable that he COULD call from over there. But why? What point and purpose would it have? And also I got a call from the Family Readiness Officer (who clearly doesn’t know our current marital state), saying they would be back yesterday. So… it’s confusing. I hope I get a call back soon saying they found him. Or something.

ANYWAY, on to less boring topics.

I took more photos of the tree yesterday. It’s like every single day, it changes a lot. Today, even, I’d like to go out and take more photos, as the tree has a “greener” feel- the leaves are starting to bloom, whereas before it was mostly blossoms. I may just end up taking a few photos each day, until it stops the constant change. Or maybe, I’ll just take photos every day, because that tree so rarely stops changing, and I’ve loved the practice of it. Maybe today I’ll take a full shot of the tree? I think if I can stand in the same place every day, I may be able to track the progress of how it looks each day.

Poor lighting and color aside, I really like how the depth of field turned out in this one.

I also tried to change my position. Rather than taking shots directly from the side, I took them looking upwards into the higher branches. I think I like the effect that this one has.

This isn’t a great shot, but I really thought it was interesting how I had all these beautiful, living blossoms… and one dead leaf.

Can you tell I love this tree?

I thought because I loved that tree so much, the other trees would be getting jealous, so I decided to take a couple of photos of our other trees.

Also, our tulips are blooming! It really is spring all around now! It’s funny, because I didn’t sneeze at all taking the photos, but now looking at that pollen, I’m sneezing! Maybe I’m just allergic to photos of pollen?

When I was done taking pictures, my little brother, who is 9, stole the camera to take photos as well.

I love how he captured the motion of this, but he used a steady enough hand that he didn’t blur the photo. It’s really nice. Did I mention he’s only 9?

He also got a pretty photo of our neighbor’s flowers. Are these daffodils?

This is our other neighbors’ tree. Not too bad of a shot, there, either. I like the purple against the bright blue sky!

Then he experimented with photographing on a background. He used our trampoline. I have probably 10 shots like this, from different angles and distances. I like that he experiements until he gets the shot.

He also tried to take several shots of Echo. Some were better than others. He took a lot of them. Echo is hard to photograph- I still can’t get a good photo of him! Jeffrey got several good shots. I just don’t have time to look for them right now, since I’m blogging in a hurry. Lol.

We also got hail last night in our storm. Luckily it was small hail, so my car wasn’t hurt. I was worried!

Anyway, that’s what I have for today. I am trying to blog more often. I just get forgetful about half the time.


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