Our Pear Tree

My family has a pear tree out front that we planted years and years ago. Now, I know nothing about plants. I don’t have a green thumb. I have the grim reaper thumb of gardening death. So don’t be surprised that it escapes me why our pear tree does not produce, well, ANY pears.

On the bright side, it is a beautiful tree, and I absolutely love the blossoms it produces. Yesterday, I slipped outside for a bit to take some photos of the beautiful tree. It truly is my favourite tree in the spring. I’d love to have one someday when I get my own home, because it is such a pretty tree. We planted it when it was tiny, and now, it’s one of the largest trees in our yard.

At first, I tried to use my mom’s camera. Her macro setting is decent, but honestly, her camera is getting up there in years and just cannot take photos like it used to. That said, I like a few of the shots from her camera.

Then, I switched to my camera (it had been charging before). The macro images ended up a lot better. I also think the color turned out a lot better. These are un-edited, so I may run a few through an editor and see what I get later.

The wind was not cooperating, so most of my shots turned out at least slightly blurred. Even sometimes when I held the branch steady, it just didn’t quite work out.

All in all, I will say these aren’t too shabby for a point and shoot. I love my foliage setting- it really captures the colors well, and puts a lot of light on the flowers.

I’m pretty out of practice, but still, for a point and shoot, these turned out pretty good.

My brother decided to try his hand with my macro foliage setting. He’s still getting the hang of it, but generally, I like how it turned out.

After all the photos of plants, we decided to hang out outside a little more and enjoy the weather. He thought it would be fun to pull out his bike ramp and jump for awhile.

Graininess aside, I really like this action shot.

Even thought his mouth is covered by his arm, you can really see the focus on his face. He gets really into his jumps.



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