I’m Addicted…

I have a huge confession to make. I’m seriously addicted. To digital scrapbooking, that is. But really, I’m addicted. I mean, I’m on TWO Creative Teams (which, for many people, is not that many), but you’d think that would be enough kits for me. Plus, I win RAKS sometimes and get even more free kits.

Why on earth would I ever feel the need to buy them? But every month I find myself venturing into the Brownie Scraps store to get their collaboration kit. But see, why would I spend $10 on that kit alone, when I could spend $10 on OTHER kits and get that one free? They lure me in with their fancy sales tactics. But I have to have the kit each month. I mean, did you see this month’s kit? It’s adorable!

It’s called Think Green, and that Alpha is a must-have for me.

I also found out this week is the GGG (Going Going Gone) sale over at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Only problem with this? A lot of the kits on my wish list, that I planned on slowly getting, are disappearing! At the end of the week! And I think “Oh my gosh! I have to get them!” I decided to narrow it down, and not get EVERY retiring kit on my wish list. I did figure out just a few kits to buy. There were some that were just SO adorable I couldn’t live without them. Most would be perfect to scrap my little brother, or my friends and I, or, or, or…. oh my goodness. I just couldn’t see some of them go!

So today, I’ll be unzipping and putting away my new kits (and also probably giving some of them their first use).

Aside from that, it will be a laundry day, or perhaps I’ll finally get some more cleaning in. I need to work my butt off, but I’m still a bit tired from the sleepover the other day. I think it’s just about time to do some scrapping and some laundry. I don’t wanna do laundry! :: whines ::

Ok, I will. Blah.


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