I know that I haven’t been on here much lately. I’m really sorry. I super super super neglected my blog. I’ll try to do better, I swear!

It’s just, there has been a lot going on that, shockingly, I cannot share with the blogosphere. (You mean there’s stuff that doesn’t belong on the interwebs? WHAT?! I know, scary concept). So… hopefully as soon as I get my own life sorted out, I can actually start talking again! YAY.

As for the right now, well, I have an awesome freebie for you guys! I’m participating in the Brownie Olympics Torch Run! Check out if you haven’t before, and also, check out this freebie as part of our Torch Run (blog train!)

The image is linked, but in case you can’t get it, here is a link to the file on 4shared.

Here are the other stops for the Torch Run:  <——YOU ARE HERE!

Have fun collecting all your awesome freebie goodies! 🙂


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