Typing this post from my balance ball…

Well, I’m sitting on my balance ball right now, while I type this post. I was at first afraid that using it would sit me up too high, as the ball I purchased was recommended for users between 5’7″ and 5’11”, and I’m just BARELY 5’7″. However, it’s a lot smaller than I expected. I am also hoping it will help me with posture.

It was pretty easy to find my balance, and it is reasonably easy to keep my balance on the ball as well, but with no back rest, I actually have to hold my back up, instead of leaning back into the chair, or forward onto a desk, so I can definitely feel it a little bit, even just in the first few minutes I was on it.

Bear in mind, this isn’t something that most people would consider “exercise” (just sitting here), but also realize that because of my disability, I have not really done anything fitness related in quite some time (aside from the aquatics class I took for school), so every part of me is sorely out of shape. Combine that with the fact that I am not supposed to walk more than 15 minutes per day according to my doctor, and I typically don’t do any walking at all, aside to the bathroom, refrigerator, and back to my couch, and you’ll find that I am feeling awfully exhausted from the past two days. I went to a concert where I stood for about 2 hours, and jumped for awhile, and then today went shopping with my sister, where we rapidly covered the entire length of the mall, walking, and I’ve had quite the “workout” today, at least compared to my standard barely-getting-off-the-couch.

On the bright side, I was able to buy some cute new tops (a tank top, a tee shirt, and a silky dress shirt), and a funky new orange nail polish. I was rather disappointed in one of my favourite stores, Forever 21, though. They used to carry a full mix of clothing from XS to XL in the main section of their store, and recently they were one of the few stores to get the new Faith 21 plus size section. When Faith 21 first arrived, they still had XL in almost every item in the store. Now they have pushed XL to the plus size section exclusively, as well as 1X, 2X, and 3X. This is fine with me- I mean, they all have an X in them. But here’s the problem I have. In most stores, a 12 would be a medium. At Forever 21, a 12 is an XL. Following that, a 14 (typically a large) is considered a 1X, 16 (XL) is considered a 2X, and 18(XL-1X) is considered a 3X! I’m sorry, but that’s a little bit ridiculous. I had just recently been helping a friend find a sweatshirt for his son, who wears a 2 in Toddlers. I picked up a shirt at Forever 21 that was an XS… and I am NOT JOKING (Yes, I do have measuring tape in my purse right now) that was the SAME SIZE as a 2T. That’s insane. I’m not one to say that it’s unfair that clothes be sized to make people skinnier, but Forever 21 needs to recognize that a good portion of their revenue DOES, in fact, come from larger girls. I would honestly stop shopping there if we had a Torrid in the area, though, because the selection for a size 16 even is CRUD at Forever 21.

I’m just hoping over the next year I won’t have to worry as much about it.

Anyway, today was a fabulous day in terms of shopping… and I feel really good after walking around the mall, even though I’m very sore and very tired- and hoping to go to bed extra early tonight. On the bright side, I actually got some walking in today, and now I’m sitting on my balance ball! So… hopefully I’ll continue to stay motivated come February.

Now I have to sit here and think about the real dilemma… does buying monkey picked oolong (an AMAZING tea with antioxidants and great metabolism benefits) count as spending money on weight loss if it tastes incredible?

Though, as my commenter 2010weightloss pointed out (check the blog out here: http://2010weightloss.wordpress.com)  the money I spent on the balance ball equates out to 25 cents per week over the course of a year… which, is nothing. So… perhaps I’ll modify my rule to say that my TOTAL limit (including said balance ball) cannot exceed more than $5.00 per week over the course of a year. That means if I do, in fact, decide to pick something up, I can just divide it by the number of weeks left, and see if it’s worth it… (PS… my overdue fees from the library on fitness items I forget to take back on time DO NOT count!) Wonder if more exercise will help my memory, too?



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