Fresh Start

So I decided last night, while I was in the shower, and afterwards when I was washing my face, that I want to spend this year becoming the best Me that I can be (that sounds SO cheesy!) not just in weight loss, but in… everything.

I’d like to get more organized, take better care of my skin, and be a happier person. I think I’m taking small steps to remedy that. I also decided that sometimes, I actually need to pamper myself, instead of just giving up everything and kind of playing the “I never have time for what I want” victim.

So, effective immediately, I am going to make room in the budget for $20 a month of going to Lush and getting a fresh face mask and some toner tablets. Just for my personal, happy gratification. I’m going to start actually using the cleansers and moisturizers and toners and things that I’ve bought, instead of just letting them sit there. I’m going to start taking good care of myself. Actually brushing my hair in the mornings, even if I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone. Making time for staying organized and doing what I need to do, like laundry (did I mention I really hate laundry?) And, well, working out and eating better. By the way, I’m back on the balance ball to type this post. It’s becoming routine, or I’m making it routine, anyway, that I must sit on the balance ball when I write blog entries. I don’t know if it’s helping my posture or not, but I sure feel it in my legs. I’m trying this new thing I saw in some video, where you tilt the laptop screen up so you can’t see it well unless you lean back a little bit, almost in a suspended crunch. It’s definitely harder to stay balanced this way, and you can totally feel it in the thighs and stomach. I can’t hold it for very long, but maybe I’ll get there eventually.

Today, when I took Echo outside for his potty walk, I went out just in my tee shirt and jeans. I felt so comfortable and it felt so warm out there! I decided to open my windows because it felt nice and warm. I opened my windows, was sitting here in a tee shirt, and I just decided to check the weather. Then I had to close my windows because, as warm as I feel right now, it’s only 36 degrees out! So…. hm. Oh well!


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