I confess!

…I cheated. I said I wasn’t going to spend any money on my weight loss plan. But I did actually buy a balance ball today at Walmart. It came with the ball, the pump, a DVD, and a wall chart for exercises. It was $13.00 on clearance. But like, half of the DVDs at the library are balance ball DVDs, so I feel like I really will be utilizing my time well by having it.

I also plan on making myself sit in it while I use my computer for at least half an hour per day. If I’m going to be on my computer anyway, I may as well be using a balance ball. A research study showed that people who used a balance ball instead of a chair not only had more focus throughout the day, but also burned four times as many calories (if I’m remembering correctly). So I plan on slowly replacing laying on my couch with sitting on my balance ball getting some work done.

As I said… four pounds in February. I’m also going to buy a tape measure, so the first day of February, my stats are all going to be posted RIGHT HERE, and, if I can find a cord for my camera, a photo as well. I’m just going to work through this month by month, and I want as much support as I can get on it! I’m hoping I can rope my friend E into being my accountability buddy- she also has a goal to work out more, and I’m hoping she will be a great accountability partner for me, to keep me motivated and keep me losing the weight!

Also, I checked out a killer smoothie book (called the “Smoothie Bible”) from the library. It has tons of suggestions for different smoothies to help different ailments from arthritis to bronchitis to ADHD. I think a lot of it is kind of hooky-kooky, but the recipes are amazing. So I’m also challenging myself to try two new smoothies each week in February. I’m going to go through and copy down my favourites of the smoothies in the book, and just try to do some smoothies. They’re nutritional, and a better breakfast than I’m getting now (honeybun or pop tart, anyone? Leftover cold noodles or a frozen pizza? Don’t act like you haven’t tried those for breakfast! Ha!) So I figure it’s worth a shot.

If you’re following along on my challenge (hi, grandma!!!), I wish you luck! Hopefully with everyone supporting each other, we’ll all get through it together! šŸ™‚



  1. $13 is pretty much nothing for fitness. Over the space of a full year it is $0.25 a week. I’m sure you could probably pick that up off the street if you were so inclined.

    Those balls are supposed to be really good and are meant to help a lot with core stability. Let me know how you get on with it please as I might invest in one.

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