I love him!

Okay, so, since I’ve spent my last few weeks barely blogging, and when I have, it’s been incredibly… indirect… today, I’d actually like to talk about something directly!

I have fallen head-over-heels in love. He’s even a really good kisser. He’s sweet, funny, and loves to give hugs. Although, he kind of seems to think I’m some sort of jungle gym, and when we watch movies together, he is kind of stuck in a rut… It’s Cars, Happy Feet, or nothing.

Did I fail to mention he’s one and a half? 🙂

He’s my new buddy, Cameron, who I absolutely adore… he’s funny. The other day, we played a game where the whole point was for him to shut the door in my face, then for me to knock on the door until he knocked back, then for me to open the door (since he can’t- difficult knobs)… so he could smile, say hi, and then shut the door again. He just laughed so hard! Also he’ll hide behind something and I’ll have to go find him. Yup, he’s the best.

Anyway, he’s really brought a bright spot to my days recently. I love hanging out with him. I’ve been trying to watch him while his dad packs. Bonus- when I watch him, his dad makes us dinner. His dad is an extremely good cook. Last night, it was steak and potatoes! Yum.

Aside from that, my life has been reasonably unexciting lately. Mostly I just hang out around the apartment, do some laundry, try not to freeze to death from the horrible cold outside, and spend time with Echo, my beloved puppy, who is chewing on a squeaky mailbox right now.

Anyway, today it’s too cold to do much of anything, so I’m going to stick a load of laundry in, and then I am off to do nothing… like reading, or watching a movie. Very nice…


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