Am I ever going to get my “do nothing” day?

So I decided long ago that the end of 14 and a half years of school deserves a day where I do absolutely nothing. I don’t even have to get out of bed if I don’t want to. I can just do… nothing. I can lay here, I can read, I can curl up with a book, I can watch a movie, I can ignore the world. Just for one day, and then I have to get back on schedule. But for now, I have a project to finish, about 80 loads of laundry to do, and some other random stuff. So it looks like perhaps that day will be Thursday instead of Monday.

But before I get on with all the tasks I have to do today, I’m going to make a list. Or rather, two lists:


1. Typically when someone gets married, they move into a home with their spouse and spend happy blissful time together, go to work and come home to each other, and just otherwise enjoy each others’ company. Instead, I get to come home to an empty house, on the rare occasions I leave now that school is out. It sucks, because often the house gets so quiet I find myself talking to myself. But not like, talking to yourself like most people do. Talking to myself as in having a conversation and waiting for someone to respond (except, no one does, unless I choose to respond to myself).

2. No one who is afraid of helicopters should ever live as close to an airport as I do. Especially an airport that constantly runs loud military helicopters through it. It’s just a bad idea. Any time of day, you could suddenly hear the thunk-thunk-thunk of helicopter blades. Yikes.

3. My back porch whistles. Constantly. The wind blows and whoooosh. There goes sleep. Right out the whistling windows.

4. My upstairs neighbor is her own sister. I’m certain of it. She says her evil sister lives up there, but I’ve only ever seen her enter or exit the apartment, and when she’s out of the apartment, there’s not a single sound up there. Also, either her, or her sister is a stomper. I mean, yes, they’re the same person, but one of them, by golly, loves to stomp around the apartment. It’s not like it’s directly related to me making noise. I hear stomping when I have my radio on quietly, but also when I’m silently taking a nap.

5. I don’t snore. Even when I’m congested, I don’t snore. But when I roll over onto my back and I’m congested, sometimes, yes, I do snore. It’s very easy for me to blame it on other people who are around, but when you live alone and wake up to someone snoring in your room… you’re the only possible person to point a finger at.

6. I cannot go to bed without checking under my bed, in my closet, behind my shower curtain, and under my couch. This gets very frustrating when I have gotten up to use the loo and have to re-do my checking all over again. Some would call it OCD. I just call it slight paranoia stemming from a need to protect my offspring (did you know pregnant women often experience paranoia and claustrophobia more than when they are not pregnant? It comes from the natural desire to protect their child from all possible harm- like if someone were in fact hiding under my bed, or if I were in a crowded room and got smushed).

7. You can say all you want that you won’t miss television, but when you’ve watched every show on hulu, even for series’ you don’t watch, and every episode of the first season of I Love Lucy, you sometimes get sick of the silence. Radio comes in handy, but when you started listening to Christmas music November 1, you’re sick of it by now, and too lazy to try to get another decent station on the radio. 

8. Any mess that appears in your apartment can only be your fault when you live alone. See, even when you live in a dorm and your friends stop by a lot, some of the mess is theirs. But in an apartment, if you don’t have visitors, if there’s a mess, you created it. This is similar to the snoring principle.

9. There is a person in my apartment complex that still has their air conditioner on. Nevermind that it’s 12 degrees outside, it’s still on (They also frequently keep a window open, in the freezing cold weather). I don’t pretend to understand them, but it wouldn’t bother me if it weren’t for the fact that the air conditioner isn’t meant to work in this cold of weather, and it is very close to my bedroom. At 3am, suddenly you hear this awful grating noise that sounds like someone is sawing off someone else’s head with a saw that only half hits things correctly (while the other half grates metal)… it is disgusting and loud, and will wake someone out of a dead sleep.

10. I live near a train. This isn’t so bad, and most times, I don’t even hear it. The only problem is when you have to do something on THAT side of town. You know, the side where you can’t take the road that goes past Walmart and is away from the train tracks, unless you plan on driving 20 minutes out of your way. Locations that I HAVE to go to the railroad tracks to get to include the post office, the library, city hall, Taco Bell, and Price Chopper. The thing is, I’d say 85 percent of the time that I have to go to one of those places, it is at a time when the train decides to come, before there is space for me to fit on the other side of the train tracks. Darn.


1. I keep my own schedule. That means if every day I want to wake up at 9, take a nap from 2-5, stay up from 5-2am , and then go to bed and sleep until 9 again, I can. No one can tell me that is a bad idea. It’s my own schedule, and I can sleep at odd times.

2. I can eat whatever I want to for dinner, at whatever time I decide dinner should be. Sometimes I eat my dinner meal at 3, with a small snack later. Sometimes I eat a small snack and have dinner around 5. Sometimes, I eat small snacks and have dinner at 7. It depends on how I’m feeling and when my body decides I want my larger meal. This means if I don’t feel like cooking, it can be a cereal night, or if money allows, a taco bell night. It also means that if at 3am I’ve woken up to pee and feel my stomach growling (I blame the baby!) I can grab a small snack without worrying about disturbing anyone.

3. The people watching. Seriously, some of the people I live near are pretty interesting to watch. My upstairs neighbor who is also her sister? She goes out a thousand times a day. At least once a day she takes a Walmart bag and picks up trash. About 80% of the trash she grabs is smaller than an eraser on a pencil. It’s crazy. Then, my neighbors on the side of me, they have about 3 parties per week.

4. Did I mention I live about 4 minutes from a Taco Bell (24 if there’s a train). I also live near the library, and I live 5 minutes from Walmart. I’m close to everything.

5. I live close enough to home that I can run over there if I’m missing a good home cooked meal or human interaction, but I’m also far enough away that I have my own space to myself.

6. A full-size fridge. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have this in the dorms, so I really missed having enough space for leftovers, ice cream that doesn’t get all melty, salad, lots of fruit, and more. Also a stove. I can actually cook real food now.

7. My desk. It’s so nice to have everything able to stay in one place, plugged in, and sitting where it belongs, rather than following me around the house all the time. I can keep my laptop attached to my external drives and keep everything together, without having to worry about dragging everything to one room, and then back to another.

8. My decor. Now, every room is very “me.” It’s not just my bedroom that has my touch on it- it’s every room. That’s the thing, after you get married, you definitely go through that nesting phase where you want to set up house, and be able to use all the cool kitchen gear you got for your wedding. Having the space to do that is really nice, rather than having it sit in the basement until you have a place to go.

9. It helps me detach a little bit. When I live here, I’m not living at home, so I can get a little more used to the idea of moving to North Carolina and being even farther from my family. It’s a nice middle point- living here, then living there. Getting a little more grown-up responsibility. Paying the bills, cleaning house, that sort of thing. It helps me learn how to take care of myself more.

10. Laundry is on the same story I am. No more going downstairs if I want to wash my own clothes. I can do it in the closet next to my room!

Anyway, there are a lot more reasons why I love my apartment, but now, I think despite my long to-do list, it’s time for a short nap.


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