Blogging via iPod

So I just got the new wordpress for iPod touch and I’m going to be honest. As great as it is that I can now blog almost anywhere, it is a pain in the butt to type out a full blog on that itty bitty keypad. But, you know, as long as I have it open I should talk about my day so far, right? So I woke up and did NOT want to get out of bed. I could already tell it was going to be cold. I made the mistake of checking the weather. Cold is an understatement. 20 degrees. I’m not kidding. But after windchill it was saying it felt like 12 degrees. That’s a lie! I was thinking it felt colder than that! Our high today is set to be 36. But again, with wind chill, feels no higher than 20 all day. And then, I get to my 8am class, which I had a test in. That’s great but the problem is that I got out of class at 8:30. My next class isn’t until 11! Which means instead of napping or relaxing, I get to sit in a freezing cold empty classroom. Seriously? And if my day wasn’t bad enough, I also have super intense heartburn. What I hate is that I also left my tums at home. Because last night I was in a desperate rush to get some tums, and forgot to toss the bottle back in my bag.

On the bright side, classes are coming to an end rather quickly. All of my professors decided they didn’t want to grade a ton of finals during finals week, so they instead opted to have them early. Two of my finals are already done, and I only have two more to go- both will be done on Thursday of next week. The only other thing to finish is my math project, and then I’m done for good!

And boy am I ready to be done…


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