A long weekend calls for a long nap…

So I’m kind of kicking myself for not blogging about the long weekend. It was great! We drove down Wednesday, and came back up yesterday, and in the process I ate about as much food as one human can consume without exploding. Eating for two, right?

It was nice getting to see everyone again, since a lot of my family, I only see this once a year (though things have improved somewhat since we all got facebook). We went over to Carlene’s house, and I figured it would be really hard, and at many points, especially the post-dinner, I was struck by how much I missed Larry being there. During the dinner, I typically never sat in the same room as Larry, so that wasn’t as hard, but in the post dinner, I always sit and talk to him while football is on.

The food was incredible- Sheri brought some broccoli cheese rice, which is kind of my downfall right now, and of course there was strawberry layer stuff, which is always amazing. Then, for dessert, Randy made a Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake with caramel he found a recipe for, and Gina had made these brownies with those almond symphony bars in the middle- ohmygosh. I think I ate 4.

Black Friday was also, well, interesting. We woke up, and went out a little later than usual, simply because there wasn’t all that much we needed to buy, and all the sales we wanted to buy from were All-Day sales. It was a big mistake not going earlier, but hey, at least we got some sleep, right? I got a couple of nice things for Toys for Tots, and I also scored two movies, which is great… Have to love $2 Walmart Black Friday sales! Oh, and I got a mini food processor for $4, which is a pretty good price, in my opinion. I’m anxious to try it out. Of course, I also started getting my husband’s gift, so I can have it shipped out this week.

The drive home was great, and I realized how truly fantastic my laptop is- the entire 3 hour drive, I watched episodes of Bones, and still had leftover battery when I got home, even though I was running it on full brightness and full audio. That’s pretty darn amazing.

Today, mom came over and helped me unload my stuff, as well as clean my bedroom closet and unpack those boxes we hadn’t gotten unpacked last week. I think I’m getting closer to being done with the moving process (which mom is looking forward to, so she can move the piano out of the office and into that room… hopefully soon so she can replace it with the Christmas tree).

After she left, I got a few minutes to talk to Joe, but he was on the run, between jobs, I guess. It’s always weird talking to him for a couple of minutes, especially after so many days not talking to him, because I sit there and try to remember all the stuff I wanted to tell him when I next got to talk to him… and instead just end up feeling ridiculous.

Then… I took a nap. See, I laid down at 3:45, and set the alarm for 4:30, no worries right? Except I set the alarm for 4:30 AM. Which means I slept until 5:30, when the Pampered Chef lady called me (yet again), and I told her I couldn’t make it to her party. Oh, and I told her I was really really nauseous from the pregnancy, so I wouldn’t be able to have a show soon.

Anyway, I think MY cheddar broccoli rice is done, and an episode of Gilmore Girls is calling my name…


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