0118 999 881 999 119 725……..3

The library is a very dangerous place. I went there today after my class got out, to pick up a couple of DVDs I put on hold, and good gracious, I walked out with half the library. Okay, not exactly, half, but a good portion. I picked up four books on scrapbooking ideas and techniques (only two of which ended up being helpful), a book on pregnancy and motherhood (supposed to be humourous?), and a novel I’ve been wanting to read called “The Potluck Club.” Also I got my three holds (the first two seasons of The IT Crowd and the first season of Gilmore Girls). Oh, and by the door, the library had outdated magazines for free! I was able to grab two magazines I didn’t already have a copy of- Good Housekeeping and Family Circle! Fantastic!

Sadly enough, I watched the entire first season of the IT Crowd. Today. I mean, that’s not a huge feat, considering the season was only 6 episodes long, and each episode is only about 22 minutes long, but still. I had already watched this particular season online, before they were removed by youtube, but the episodes never fail to make me laugh hysterically. There’s one episode in particular where I can’t watch without laughing myself to tears.

Here’s a clip from it:

(well, unfortunately, they’ve disabled the embedding, but here is the link to view the clip! In case you aren’t familiar with the UK’s emergency services, 999 is the number you dial to reach them).

Today was a bit of a frustrating day, though. I had many errands to run, most of them in Gardner. Right before I left for school, I did as I always do- I checked my emails to ensure no classes had been changed. Then, I drove to school, walked up to my classroom… and there’s a sign on the door telling us there is no class today.

Are you kidding me? You couldn’t have emailed? That way I didn’t have to drive to town TWO HOURS before my next class? Y’know, so I could actually get my errands done and have everything taken care of in time. But no. We had a little sign on the door. So I went ahead to pick up my computer, the one errand I could actually do right then. That took all of 31 minutes. I stopped by Borders for a couple of hours, really not having a reason to be there, and really not accomplishing anything aside from the fact that I found out they do, in fact, have a copy of the book “Thunder Cake.” I’m trying to think of all of the books I want to make sure I purchase for my baby, especially including my own childhood favourites. I already bought a copy of Love You Forever and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. The rest of my list so far consists of Thunder Cake, The Foot Book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series. All of those books are phenomenal for some reason or another.

I keep thinking that one wise idea would be to purchase Love You Forever for EACH of my children, rather than just having one copy, and writing an inscription in the front cover when each of my children is born. Then, they can read it as children, and when they grow up, move out, get married, etc, they can take it with them, and always remember how much I love them, and that I’ll “Love you forever, like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”

Anyway, enough with the sappy stuff. I’ve got a dishwasher to unload.


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