No One Wants Me To Have A Nap

I made several attempts this afternoon to take a nice long nap. First, I laid down in bed, got all snuggly warm, was starting to doze off, and in retrospect, I heard a faint “beep,” but that’s not unusual- I hear all kinds of interesting things from my neighbors. Anyway, I drifted a little bit farther and all of a sudden there was an insanely loud pounding on my door! I freaked out! Then, I ran to the door and checked through the peep hole thing. A man I didn’t recognize was on my porch. My heart kind of started beating faster. He looked at the door as if he could hear it! Then I noticed he was in a uniform… a Fed Ex uniform. Now, anyone who knows me knows how much I cannot stand Fed Ex. Or I guess, less than disliking them, I’m actually more afraid of them than anything. So I’m standing here, scared to death of this Fed Ex man (unsure of if it’s because of the pounding or just because he’s Fed Ex) and racking my brain to remember if I actually was expecting anything. I thought, well, I did order some freebies recently, so I opened the door just a tiny bit (because, y’know, my foot is going to stop this large man from getting into my apartment if he wants to, but whatever…). All he does is smile, hand me a package, and leave. Um. Okay. I look at the sticker on the package. It’s my Christmas cards that I ordered. You know, the ones that said in the confirmation email they were coming via United States Postal Service. Or… regular mail?

Oh, but that’s not all. I lay back down, get all snuggled in, grab the pillow I always sleep on and fluff it a little, and feel an odd lump in my pillow. Thinking, “what on earth IS that?” I fish my hand inside the case and pull out… a pot holder. From my last load of laundry. Three days ago. It’s not like I’ve been using this pillow since then or anything… (I totally have been!) and JUST NOW felt this little lump. Oh gracious. I’ve been sleeping on a pot holder!

But, phone calls, Fed Ex men, and Potholders aside… I finally got a decent nap. Or rather, I crashed and slept through my alarm… and ended up taking a 3 and a half hour nap… ha!

Now I have to go return some movies before 8. Sadly, this requires me actually getting dressed so I can leave the house. LAME!


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