First Doctor’s Appointment/Birthday Party

Wow, a LOT happened yesterday. Usually not a lot of exciting stuff seems to happen, but yesterday was a very busy day. I woke up to a phone call from my husband (thank goodness he’s been able to call me semi-regularly. It’s good knowing he’s doing okay).

Then, I got dressed, got ready, and went to my first OB appointment. When we first got there, there were several ladies there. One of them was very talkative, almost to the point of being awkward- she was carrying on conversations with everyone, including my mother. I was kind of ignoring the whole thing so I could fill out paperwork though, which there was surprisingly not a lot of. Another lady had her young son there, and he was ALL over the room. At one point, the sucker he was eating ended up on the floor, and then I think back in his mouth, but finally landed on the floor and stayed there. Ugh.

I finally got called back to the room, and I was a little nervous. First, the nurse handed me the cup for the urine sample, which was great, you know, I really really really needed to pee! So she explained I needed to “wipe three times, front to back- use a new moist towelette for each swipe.” Well, I sat down, and used each towelette, thinking “There’s no way I’m going to get all this done!!! I gotta go!” but when I finally finished all the beginning stuff… I simply couldn’t! I sat there and tried and tried and was about ready to just give up, when I got….. just barely enough for their test. Haha. I went ahead into my room and the nurse came in and said the test came back “definitely pregnant.” Now, I don’t know what kind of test they were using, but typically those tests, even the digital ones, only have two possible answers- pregnant, and not pregnant. I have not seen this kind of supertest where it comes back “definitely pregnant,” but I went with it.

So the nurse did the normal nurse things- blood pressure, asking about my last menstrual period, asked if I smoked, drank, did drugs, was on any medication, etc. So at this point, I was feeling pretty confident, though the mental notes about what my mom said would happen during this appointment still loomed in the back of my mind. Yikes.

The nurse left and Dr. Bavishi came in. It was kind of cool, seeing the lady who delivered me, now standing here ready to help me through my own pregnancy, and my own childbirth. She went over the same questions the nurse did (which I’ve never understood- the nurse asks and writes it down, so why can’t she just read it instead of asking me, AND writing it down, all over again?) Mind you, the entire time she’s asking me these questions, I’m in a gown about as thin as a piece of tissue paper used for gift bags, and covered in a sheet that is about as thick as maybe some wax paper? It was… awkward for me, to say the least. So when she got done, she put my feet in the stirrups, made me scoot down until I thought I was going to fall off the darn table, and then gave me a breast exam. Then, she tells me to relax. Yeah, lady, I’m here exposing my lady parts to God and everybody, including a total stranger, and I’m supposed to relax?! Can you say “no thank you?” So I tried to relax, and in my pseudo-state of relaxation, I felt a pinch. You know, when someone pinches your arm, it’s one thing. Or your side, y’know. But pinching where that pinched? I thought I was going to fly off the table! OW! And then, she finally gets it in place, and is ready to “get started” and a knock comes from the door. Oh gracious. “Dr. Bavishi? One of Dr. Oplotnik’s patients is bearing down right now and you need to be there. Can you come?” Oh great! Now I’m going to be strapped to a table, with this thing stuck in me, and she’s going to be gone for who knows how long while she delivers a child? Luckily, she decides to quickly finish. Unluckily, in her haste, I’m sitting there feeling things poke and prod me until I want to kick someone. She finishes, goes running out the door, hollering behind her that I should stay put… and I decide to get dressed. So I wait, and I wait, and then I call my mom, who is in the waiting room. Then she comes back to the room to wait with me, which is a good idea. After an undetermined amount of time, Dr. Bavishi is finally back, and I’m told more information about what to do, when not to travel, and more little specks of information, like that I need to drink 3 glasses of milk per day and an unholy amount of water. Because, y’know, hCG doesn’t make you have to go enough, adding more liquids is essential!

After this, Dr. Bavishi leaves, and then the nurse comes in. She gives me a goodie bag filled with stuff, like prenatal vitamins and a book and a magazine. Also Dr. Bavishi asked me while she was in the room to think about doing all the extra testing to see if my child’s going to have any problems. I’ve already decided, before the appointment, not to have the tests done. I think they’re silly.

The nurse also took my blood, which I hate having done, but this woman was amazing! She took 4 vials, and, other than the click signaling she was snapping one off and putting the next on, I had no idea she was doing anything- I didn’t even feel it wiggle. She’s a total pro. As we were checking out, the receptionist gave us information on the 3D ultrasound tech she saw… I’m considering looking into that more, depending on prices, and also I got my prescription for prenatal vitamins. Yum (that’s sarcasm. It tastes like swallowing tar).

After the appointment, I went to my one and only Friday class, in which we sat and reviewed the entire time. Not going to lie, it was pointless and completely not essential…

Then, I came home and prepared for my awesome birthday dinner. Elizabeth showed up and Manijeh called to say she was on her way, so I started cooking. We had chicken, pasta, salad, and these little oreo pies for dessert. But the food didn’t end there. Sadly to say, we ate until we were going to explode, and then proceeded to fall asleep. Every time we would wake up, we’d eat a little bit more, and then fall back to sleep. Between the three of us, we ate 6 individual oreo pies, 3 chicken breasts, 1 bag salad, 2 packages pasta, 2 small orders of McDonald’s fries, a family size jar of queso, 3/4 bag of chips, 1/2 a cake, and 1/2 a package of halloween cookies. Oh, and a good portion of leftover halloween candy.

It was disgusting.

We woke up this morning to the aftermath (and to Manijeh being gone- she had to go to work), and felt essentially dead. And now, with that, I’m going to crash, because I feel like if I don’t get some more sleep, I’m probably going to hurt someone. Ha!



  1. I am glad you had a great early birthday party. You have some wonderful friends. Being pregnant is the best of times and the worst of times. But don’t listern to people telling you their stories unless they are good stories. They all add to their stories to make them sound brave. I know you and Joe must be very excited. I am thinking about e-mailing Joe would that be o.k. ??

    Love UUU

    1. Yeah, definitely send him an email! Sometimes his internet is a little sporadic, so he might not reply right away, but definitely- he loves knowing people are thinkin’ about him while he’s away!

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