Burn Out

I don’t know why, or what happened, but the past two days I have felt severely burnt out. I’ve literally done nothing productive. When I come to the computer, I sit and stare at the screen. When I pull out my homework, I sit and stare at it. Whether it’s scrapbooking or reading a book or making dinner… I just haven’t wanted to do any of it.

To top it off, I have that funny feeling I get in my stomach everytime Joe is having a bad day. That worries me, because I’m thinking it probably means he’s having a bad day. I don’t want him to be. But then, there have been a few times my tummy has been wrong, so it could be something else. I think I just worry too much. Joe would agree with me.

To top it off, the past couple of days, I really haven’t wanted to be around people. This can be problematic, considering tomorrow is my birthday party. I guess I just feel like I’ve been so moody the past few days that avoiding people might kind of mute the lashing out a little bit. But who knows?

Perhaps all of my icky feelings are just end-of-school senioritis stress. I have just under a month left of school, and I’m wanting to be done two weeks ago. It seems like the end cannot come fast enough. I’ve been working my butt off trying to get everything done, and taken care of, and turned in, and worked on, and fulfilled… and all it’s doing is making me crazy! If I can just survive a few more class days, I’ll be done and I won’t have to worry about the burn out anymore. I can be done, graduated, and ready to move on with everything else I want to accomplish.

The only problem is, I don’t know what else I want to accomplish in life.

Oh, and this is random, but lately my right elbow has been hurting pretty frequently. I don’t know why. It just sometimes all of a sudden feels really painful and sore, like I’ve rubbed it wrong. So I’ve been trying to put small pillows, cushions, anything under it to make it feel a little better.

Anyway, I’m off to pretend to accomplish something. Otherwise known as staring at my computer screen.



  1. I am so happy you have a blog. I can read it every day and know what you are doing and feeling. For some reason right now I feel so far away from you. Keep on blogging (Is that a word?)

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